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* Highlights easy idea, that is handled in an introductory fashion
* provides cutting-edge instrumentation
* Discusses new purposes of Raman spectroscopy in and study

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Under these conditions, the intensities of Raman bands originating in this chromophore are selectively enhanced by a factor of 103 to 105. This selectivity is important not only for identifying vibrations of this particular chromophore in a complex spectrum, but also for locating its electronic transitions in an absorption spectrum. Theoretically, the intensity of a Raman band observed at v0 — vmn is given by (30): lmn = constant · / 0 · (v0 - vmn)4 £ \(ocpX (1-62) Here, m and n denote the initial and final states, respectively, of the electronic ground state.

8 nm above the ground state). 1 nm. The ß-term involves two electronic excited states (e and s) and provides a mechanism for resonance-enhancement of non-totally symmetric vibrations. The ß-term can be expressed as B s ■lfgjf>1^<1>l'> + > e h „ vvi -v0 + ;r„ M'e = A/, (1-67) (1-68) where vs and μ5 are the frequency and transition dipole moment of the second excited state(s). Although the denominator in the ß-term is the same as that of the A-term, its numerator contains g-dependent vibrational overlap integrals as well as Franck-Condon overlap integrals.

For complex molecules where a selection is difficult, one chooses the x and y axes arbitrarily. 3 PLANES OF SYMMETRY (σ) If a plane divides the equilibrium configuration of a molecule into two parts that are mirror images of each other, then the plane is called a symmetry 32 Chapter 1. Basic Theory plane. If a molecule has two such planes, which intersect in a line, this line is an axis of rotation (see the previous section); the molecule is said to have a vertical rotation axis C; and the two planes are referred to as vertical planes of symmetry, denoted by συ.

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