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By Jeanne Cavelos

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The electrifying area epic reaches an explosive climaxwhen one techno-mage battles the final word evilAs billions die and the flames of destruction rage unchecked, the Shadows look poised for absolute victory. quickly the full galaxy will fall to their evil. however the struggle isn't really over . . . no longer but. in the end, in a forgotten nook of the universe, Galen has ultimately gained the Circle's permission to depart the techno-mage hiding position. he's the single mage who has confronted the Shadows and lived, the single person who possesses the unstoppable Spell of Destruction.Galen's orders are transparent. although the galaxy is being torn aside via bloody conflict–in which his powers may perhaps tip the balance–he is to find merely 3 key enemies and kill them. yet Galen has unearthed the Shadows' darkest secret–and found a significant fact approximately himself. during this determined, apocalyptic conflict, there is not any telling who may be the victor. Or if there'll be any survivors in any respect . . .Babylon five created by way of J. Michael Straczynski

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Fa? He pushed himself up on shaky arms. He was on the tiled floor of the observation room. Someone was knocking on the door, and as the voice called out again, he recognized it. Gowen. "Galen! " Fa was dead. Soom was destroyed. Elizar and Razeel had likely acquired the spell of destruction. And he hadn't killed himself. But then, he had known that he wouldn't, hadn't he. If he truly wanted to kill himself, he knew the spell that would do it, that would end everything. He realized, in a moment of perfect clarity, that it was the only solution.

He would be unwilling to perform any such procedure. Removing a piece of the tech would be, to him, an atrocity. In fact, Galen could think of no mage with medical expertise who might be willing to undertake the task. He could not explain the true reason for his request, except to the Circle. As for them, Galen believed they would find the risk unacceptable. They seemed disposed to risk very little these days. A conventional surgeon, if highly skilled, could successfully perform the operation, but Galen could not go to a conventional surgeon, for that would violate secrecy, a part of the mage's Code.

A few," Fed put a hand to his forehead and closed his eyes. "Purple. Seventy-two. " odd Wednesdays when I'm wearing the "Uncanny, as usual" Galen hesitated. He should return to his room, do what he needed to do. For once, he wished he had someone to confide in. He wished, more than anything, that he could talk to Elric. But he could not tell Elric, or anyone, what he was considering. " Galen nodded. " Still, Galen hesitated. "You shouldn't blame yourself," Fed said, and Galen wondered Herazade had told her former apprentice.

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