Vicky Franchino's It's Cool to Learn about Countries: Brazil (Social Studies PDF

By Vicky Franchino

ISBN-10: 1602798273

ISBN-13: 9781602798274

An creation to the geography, heritage, economic climate, tradition, and folks of Brazil. vibrant, colourful designs and fingers on actions will continue little ones engaged as they know about Brazil and its humans.

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Brazil is booming. Brazil is beautiful. You could spend a lifetime exploring all of the treasures this amazing country has to offer. Happy travels! ✒ What p art of Br azil would like to ex you plore firs t? 45 GLOSSARY deforestation (dee-for-uh-STAY-shuhn) the cutting down of forests dictator (DIK-tay-tur) a person who has complete control of a government federal (FED-ur-uhl) having to do with a system in which states have their own governments but are also united under one central power mandatory (MAN-duh-tor-ee) required manufacturing (man-yuh-FAK-chuh-ring) the making of products, often with the use of equipment rebellion (rih-BEL-yuhn) a fight or struggle against someone who is in control slums (SLUHMZ) very poor, crowded, and rundown housing areas in a city working-class (WURK-ing-KLASS) having to do with workers who are paid by the hour, often for jobs requiring little training 46 FOR MO BRAzIL INFORM RE ATION Books Heinrichs, Ann.

34 BRAzIL What do children in Brazil like to do for fun? Most of them play futebol. You might know this game as soccer. Brazil takes this sport very seriously. The national soccer team has won the World Cup many times. Pelé was a Brazilian soccer player in the 1960s. Many people believe that he was the best soccer player of all time. In 2016, Brazil will host the World Cup competition. m has many fans. ✒ Brazil’s national soccer tea 35 Capoeira is also a popular activity. It combines mar- tial arts and dance.

Be careful whenever handling raw eggs. be sure to wash your hands and clean your work surface when you are finished cooking. 2. heat the pan over medium heat. add the butter to the pan. When the butter is melted, you’re ready to cook. be sure the butter doesn’t burn. 3. Place the pieces of bread in the bowl. Let them soak until the bread is coated with the egg mixture. using a spatula, carefully turn over each piece of bread. Let the bread soak on the other side. you probably won’t be able to soak every piece at once.

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