New PDF release: Jango Fett Bounty Hunter

By Daniel Wallace

Round the time mythical bounty hunter Boba Fett tumbled into the nice Pit of Carkoon, the insurgent Alliance chanced on a safe, blast-proof bounty hunter’s case conserving Boba Fett’s own goods. For years it remained hidden away. yet now all who want may well liberate the secrets and techniques held inside . . . .

Press the buttons, insert the knowledge card, and the case opens with sounds and lighting fixtures. Housed inside of is a textual content of serious import. sooner or later in his occupation Boba Fett certain jointly the newest variation of the Bounty Hunters Guild Handbook and a manifesto from loss of life Watch, the secretive splinter team of Mandalorians. jointly, those volumes make up The Bounty Hunter Code.

The guide is a vital consultant for all bounty hunters. Senior Guild individuals provide recommendation for hunters new to the Guild, an in depth record of the instruments and strategies an important to the “crimson trade,” and the fundamentals of constructing a dwelling at the margins of galactic legislation. Boba Fett has scrawled additions and remark within the margins all through, as have the bounty hunters Greedo, Bossk, and Dengar, all of whom have been as soon as in ownership of the guide.

The dying Watch volume—part informational consultant, half manifesto—is jam-packed with demise Watch heritage, philosophy, and discussions of key Mandalorian apparatus: their recognized T-visors, their celebrated armor, and their outstanding jetpacks. This loss of life Watch e-book used to be initially taken from dying Watch chief Tor Vizsla and given to Boba by way of his father, Jango Fett, and lines handwritten notes from father to son. Boba in flip meant to depart it to his daughter, and so he’s further his personal annotations to assist in her schooling. The bounty hunter Aurra Sing and the pirate Hondo Ohnaka have extra their observation in addition.

Tucked underneath The Bounty Hunter Code is Cradossk’s memoir, Making a Killing, a brutal account of his upward thrust to the head of the Bounty Hunters Guild.

From the creators of booklet of Sith and The Jedi Path, in collaboration with Lucasfilm, The Bounty Hunter Code unearths the secrets and techniques of the search and gives perception into this challenging, risky, and misunderstood occupation.

The case contains:

  • The Bounty Hunter Code
  • The 48-page memoirs of Cradossk, former head of the Bounty Hunters Guild, with an inscription from the writer to Boba Fett
  • A Kamino saberdart
  • Boba Fett’s captain's license
  • Boba Fett's fingers enable
  • Slave I’s reliable working license
  • An Imperial sought after poster for Han Solo
  • a listing slip from the insurgent Alliance forces who found and seized Boba’s property

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