Java I/O, NIO and NIO.2 by Jeff Friesen PDF

By Jeff Friesen

ISBN-10: 1484215656

ISBN-13: 9781484215654

Java I/O, NIO, and NIO.2 is a power-packed publication that speeds up your mastery of Java's numerous I/O APIs. during this ebook, you'll find out about vintage I/O APIs (File, RandomAccessFile, the move periods and similar forms, and the reader/writer classes). subsequent, you'll know about NIO's buffer, channel, selector, normal expression, charset, and formatter APIs. ultimately, you'll notice NIO.2's choices by way of a more robust dossier procedure interface, asynchronous I/O, and the final touch of socket channel functionality.

After analyzing and utilizing thi publication, you'll achieve the speeded up wisdom and ability point to truly construct functions with effective info entry, in particular for today's cloud computing streaming information needs.

What you’ll learn
How to set permissions and extra with the vintage dossier class
How to construct a flat dossier database with RandomAccessFile
Get to grasp the byte array, dossier, clear out, and different kinds of streams
Master serialization and externalization
Discover personality streams and their linked writers/readers
Tour the buffer APIs
Work with channels to move buffers to and from I/O services
Find out approximately selectors and readiness selection
Master commonplace expressions
Discover charsets and their organization with Java's String< class
Take benefit of the formatter API to create formatted output
How to customise the formatter API
Explore the enhanced dossier process interface
Discover asynchronous I/O and its organization with futures and of completion handlers
Encounter socket channel advancements, together with multicasting
Who this publication is for
This ebook is for these skilled with Java, past the basics.

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Return true when successful; otherwise, return false. This method throws IllegalArgumentException when time is negative. All operating systems support file-modification times to the nearest second, but some provide more precision. The time value will be truncated to fit the supported precision. If the operation succeeds and no intervening operations on the file take place, the next call to lastModified() will return the (possibly truncated) time value passed to this method. Suppose you’re designing a text editor application that a user will use to open a text file and make changes to its content.

It throws IOException when an I/O error occurs. static File createTempFile(String prefix, String suffix) Create an empty file in the default temporary file directory using the given prefix and suffix to generate its name. This overloaded class method calls its three-parameter variant, passing prefix, suffix, and null to this other method, and returning the other method’s return value. static File createTempFile(String prefix, String suffix, File directory) Create an empty file in the specified directory using the given prefix and suffix to generate its name.

4 did not include this capability because it relies on variable argument lists, a language feature that did not debut until JDK 5. Formatter class with a wealth of formatting capabilities along with related types that support custom formatting, and added printf() (and related format()) methods to the PrintStream class. Chapter 11 explores Formatter and demonstrates printf(). 2 JSR 51 specifies that NIO would introduce an improved file system interface that overcomes various problems with the legacy File class.

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