Java Message Service by Richard Monson-Haefel, David Chappell PDF

By Richard Monson-Haefel, David Chappell

ISBN-10: 0596000685

ISBN-13: 9780596000684

This publication is a radical advent to Java Message provider (JMS) from solar Microsystems. It exhibits easy methods to construct purposes utilizing the point-to-point and publish-andsubscribe types; use positive aspects like transactions and sturdy subscriptions to make functions trustworthy; and use messaging inside of firm JavaBeans. It additionally introduces a brand new EJB sort, the MessageDrivenBean, that's a part of EJB 2.0, and discusses integration of messaging into J2EE.

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When written to the BytesMessage, these values are converted to the byte form of their primitive counterparts. The writeObject( ) method is provided as a convenience when the types to be written aren't known until runtime. If an exception is thrown while reading the BytesMessage, the pointer in the stream must be reset to the position it had just prior to the read operation that caused the exception. This allows the JMS client to recover from read errors without losing its place in the stream. The reset( method returns the stream pointer to the beginning of the stream and puts the in read-only mode so that the contents of its byte stream cannot be further modified.

A TopicSubscriber may have only one MessageListener object. Here is the definition of the MessageListener interface used in JMS: [3] Although the in-process event model used by TopicSubscriber is similar to the one used in Java beans, JMS itself is an API and the interfaces it defines are not Java beans. jms; public interface MessageListener { public void onMessage(Message message); } 29 Java Message Service When the TopicSubscriber receives a message from its topic, it invokes the onMessage( ) method of its MessageListener objects.

1 JMSReplyTo In some cases, a JMS message producer may want the consumers to reply to a message. Destination, indicates which address a JMS consumer should reply to. setJMSReplyTo(topic); ... 2 JMSCorrelationID The JMSCorrelationID provides a header for associating the current message with some previous message or application-specific ID. setJMSCorrelationID(identifier); ... 3 JMSType is an optional header that is set by the JMS client. Its main purpose is to identify the message structure and type of payload; it is currently supported by only a few vendors.

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