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2 Relational and Logical Operators We have already encountered the equals relational operator ==. Listed next are all the relational operators. > greater than >= greater than or equal to < less than <= less than or equal to These are all of equal precedence. The remaining two operators are of lower precedence. println("Condition true"); } the condition a > b == c is equivalent to (a > b) == c. The expression a > b is evaluated first and returns a value of true or false, which is then compared with the value of the boolean variable c.

7 Instance and Static Methods As well as instance and static variables, we can also have instance and static (or class) methods. By default, all methods are instance methods. 2, instance methods are invoked by prefixing the method with an object. deposit(100); The deposit method modifies the instance variables corresponding to the fredsAccount object only. A static method does not operate on an object. Typically, a method that performs a generalpurpose calculation is a candidate for a static method.

This means that the memory address is stored in an array variable. The value of the variable is a reference to a value or, indeed, to another array. So table[1][2] is a reference to the value 5, while table[0] is a reference to the array with elements table[0][0] and table[0][1]. 1 shows how the two-dimensional table array is implemented. 1: Two-dimensional array implementation. 6 Arithmetic Operations The following arithmetic operators are available in Java: + addition - subtraction * multiplication / division % modulus Java provides the ++ and -- operators, which, respectively, increment and decrement the operand.

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