Labour’s Renewal?: The Policy Review and Beyond by Gerald R. Taylor PDF

By Gerald R. Taylor

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This is a crucial severe overview of Labour's sessions of renewal and modernisation. starting with an indepth research of the coverage overview of 1987-92, the writer then considers how the teachings of this era inspired the fee on Social Justice instigated via John Smith, and Tony Blair's reform of Clause IV. those occasions are regarded as makes an attempt to unravel conventional difficulties dealing with the Labour get together, the abiding legacy and value of those primary difficulties is assessed.

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It provided those who had been excluded from power for eight years, considerably longer in the case of those many who, like Kinnock himself, were excluded from effective power under the leadership of Callaghan and Wilson, with the ability to play at government in advance. To determine a series of policy options and possibilities which could form the blueprint for a government within which they, at last, had some say (see chapter 1). The accuracy and coherence of Labour's assessment of the future is not the point here; rather what should be noted is the essentially practical nature of this exercise, and the fact that this 'practical' document formed the real basis for the Review in place of the ideological statement Aims and Values, even though this too proved fundamentally pragmatic.

The existence of these philosophical problems, and some sign of an understanding of their nature and importance, might have proved valuable. This view was reinforced by the fact that Aims and Values actively incorporated, and failed to resolve, one of the central problems of modern socialism, the connection between individual liberty and social action. This, in turn, reflected Labour's lack of a critique of the British state. It is not even necessary to revert to this level to establish a serious critique of Aims and Values, it is possible to do so within the confines of the objectives the document had within the Labour Party.

We want to see merit recognised and rewarded. Socialists rejoice in human diversity. (Labour Party, 1988, 7) Rejoicing in human diversity is a pretty sentiment, but it did not explain how merit would be measured and rewarded or how such rewards would be prevented from creating cumulative disparities in power and wealth without resort to restrictive and interventionist state action (Nozick, 161-3). Whilst this concentration on redistribution reflected Hattersley's own work, where arguments in its favour were powerfully declared (Hatters ley, 135-9), it seemed to fit uneasily with the practical nature of the document as a whole.

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Labour’s Renewal?: The Policy Review and Beyond by Gerald R. Taylor

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