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Here's a rare mixture of myth and technology fiction from one of many masters of technology fiction, Larry Niven.

The tales during this assortment comprise a few collaborations with authors corresponding to Jerry Pournelle (Spirals) and Steven Barnes (The Locusts), in addition to tales written via Niven himself.


The Lion in His Attic
Spirals (with Jerry Pournelle)
A Teardrop Falls
Talisman (with Dian Girard)
Flare Time
The Locusts (with Steve Barnes)
Yet one other Modest notion: The Roentgen Standard
Table Manners
The eco-friendly Marauder
War Movie
The genuine Thing

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A breathless, crouching look came over her face. Her eyes went to slits. "Very well. Then prepare to fulfill the obligations of . " McKie said. He felt desperate. Why was she moving so fast? What was that faint whine in her voice? "Guests do not interfere," Abnethe said. " McKie said. " she countered. McKie heard the beginnings of many actions in that statement: hired operatives, gigantic sums spent as bribes, doctored agreements, treaties, stories planted with the visos on how this good and proud lady had been mistreated by her government, a wide enlistment of personal concern to justify -- what?

A lot of good that'll do me! the darkness said. Where is the weapon with which I enforce your bondage? You give it to me every time you open your mouth. -Laclac Riddle There was a moon, McKie realized. That glowing thing directly in front of him had to be a moon. The realization told him he'd been seeing the moon for some time, puzzling over it without being fully awake. The moon had lifted itself out of blackness above a paralyzed outline of primitive roofs. He was still in the village, then. The moon dangled there, incredibly close.

Everything sentient . . all gone. Dumb creatures which had never gone through a jumpdoor would remain. And winds, colors, floral perfumes, birdsong -- these would continue after the crystal shattering of sentiency. But the dreams would be gone, lost in that season of death. There would be a special kind of silence: no more beautiful speech strewn with arrows of meaning. Who could console the universe for such a loss? Presently he dropped his hands, said, "Is there somewhere you could take this .

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