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By Sharon Lee

ISBN-10: 0441009115

ISBN-13: 9780441009114

ISBN-10: 1587870630

ISBN-13: 9781587870637

The 1st of the seven books set within the Liaden Universe tells a wealthy and sweeping tale of warring households and star-crossed fans in an attractive, other-world galaxy. "I was once mesmerized, awed, and completely entertained. i'm hooked via the Liaden global. Bravo!" (Mary Balogh) "Fans of interstellar experience usually are not disappointed." (Robin Wayne Bailey)

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Kareen paused on the threshold long enough to incline her head—Elder to Younger—and allowed Mr. pel'Kana to seat her. Inwardly, Daav sighed. True enough, Kareen could give him ten years, but it wearied one that she must always be playing that point. A variation, he thought, would add piquancy to a game of spite and dislike that had become all too predictable. Alas, that Kareen was not imaginative. He moved his hand, catching the servant's attention. "Wine for Lady Kareen," he murmured. This done, Mr.

There was a pause of less than a heartbeat before the sixth and final match was announced and by that time Daav was blinking in bemusement at the screen-full of information his first keyword had produced. "Ah yes," he murmured, touching the 'continue' key. " Anne Davis' list of publications ran two full screens, including the compilation and cross-check of major Terran dialects Daav had half-recalled. He noted the work had been upgraded twice since; the version he had read had been her doctoral paper.

Shan was exuberant, hanging onto the collar of Er Thom's battered leather jacket, Er Thom's hands braceleting his ankles. " Shan called again, heels beating an abbreviated tattoo against the man's chest. But Er Thom had seen her. " The violet eyes were worried. He reached up and swung the child down, retaining a firm hold on a small hand. His other hand lifted and stopped a bare inch from her face, while she stood there like a stump and stared at the two of them, afraid to move. Afraid to breathe .

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