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By Jack A. Roth, James D. Cox, Waun Ki Hong

ISBN-10: 0632061111

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ISBN-13: 9780865425736

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Analysis of cytochrome P450 2E1 genetic polymorph isms in relation to human lung cancer. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 1994;3:515-518. Persson I, Johansson I, Bergling H, et al. Genetic polymorphism of cytochrome P4502E1 in a Swedish population: relationship to incidence of lung cancer. FEBS Lett 1993;319:207-211. Ketterer B, Harris JM, Talaska G, et al. The human glutathione S-transferase supergene family, its polymorphism, and its effects on susceptibility to lung cancer. Environ Health Perspect 1992;98:87-94.

The possibility that this process can be blocked or reversed, thereby preventing the development of an invasive cancer (2, 3), has generated great enthusiasm for the study of the biology of premalignant lesions. Two fundamental concepts are widely used to describe the carcinogenesis of lung cancers. The first, field cancerization, was introduced in 1953 by Slaughter et al. (4) to describe the diffuse mucosal changes observed in patients with head and neck cancers, and hypothesizes that the entire field of bronchial trees is exposed to the carcinogenic insult (such as cigarette smoke) and is at increased risk of developing cancer.

A,b. Immunohistochemical staining of bronchial epithelium for proliferating cell nuclear antigen. Note that basal cells are the major proliferating component in both squamous metaplasia (arrowheads) and transitional area (arrows) from normal epithelium (right lower corner in b) to squamous metaplasia. 6. 2 reNA = proliferating cell nuclear antigen. activity from the basal layer cells to the parabasal layer cells. Similar findings were reported in metaplasia/ dysplasia lesions developing in carcinogen-treated animals (118) and vitamin A-deficient animals (39).

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