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Functions can support a variable number of input and output arguments, so that on a given call not all arguments need be supplied. Functions can even vary their behavior depending on the precise number and type of arguments supplied. We illustrate with some examples. The norm function computes the Euclidean norm, or 2-norm, of a vector (the square root of the sum of squares of the absolute values of the elements): » x = [34]; » norm(x) 33 34 DISTINCTIVE FEATURES OF MATLAB ans A different norm can be obtained by supplying norm with a second input argument.

10*exp(l) displayed in several output formats. 18 2528/93 Reference page in Help browser doc sqrt The terms sqrtm and doc sqrt are underlined in the Command Window to indicate that they are hyperlinks: clicking on them takes you to the relevant entry. Note that it is a convention that function names are capitalized within help lines, in order to make them easy to identify. The names of all functions that are part of MATLAB or one of its toolboxes should be typed in lower case, however. m file. 2 (extra directories will be shown for any toolboxes that are available, and if you have added your own directories to the path they will be shown as well).

If MATLAB is executing a built-in function it may take some time to respond to this keypress. A line can be terminated with three periods ( . . ) , which causes the next line to be a continuation line: » x = 1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/4 + 1/5 + ... 3. Command line editing keypresses. Here, "Ctrl-p", for example, denotes "hold down the control key and press the ep' key". 9290 The value of x illustrates the fact that, unlike in some other programming languages, arithmetic on integers is done in floating point arithmetic and so can be written in the natural way.

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