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By Masaaki Kitahara (auth.), Masaaki Kitahara M.D. (eds.)

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A sickness of unknown starting place - this is often the problem offered by means of Ménière's illness and brought up via best clinicians and scientists, individuals and coworkers of The Vestibular ailment study Committee equipped via The Ministry of healthiness and Welfare, Japan. They discover the pathophysiology, analysis and remedy of Ménière's illness to assist physicians confronted with treating this intractable illness. experts investigating the etiology of the illness will welcome those reviews which transparent the image for destiny research.

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5. Spherical shape demonstrating assumed mode of swelling When the stress (J increases with pressure and reaches its maximum strength level, the material breaks. On the other hand, the membrane has no ductility and its fracture occurs rapidly at the limit of elasticity. From this fact, it is assumed that the thickness (t) is constant during the bulging of the membrane. , the minimal pressure for rupture of the membranous labyrinth) is computed. The radius ofthe curvature in these parts of the membranous labyrinth was measured from human temporal bone horizontal sections of 5 cases.

6). Reissner's membrane was distended by blood in the chochlear duct, but no rupture of Reissner's membrane was detected (Fig. 6). Although the tunnel and supporting elements were preserved in the organ of Corti, outer hair cells were missing. The tectorial membrane disappeared in most turns, but was found to be elevated and deviated. Bleeding was observed in the spiral ligament ofthe basal and middle turns. The stria vascularis in the basal tum was filled with blood and marginal cell lining was disrupted where the blood had spouted into the cochlear duct.

Matsunaga K, Masutani H, Nakai Y (1989) Observation of inner ear vessels in experimental hydrops (in Japanese). Equilibrium Res [Suppl] 5: 112-115 CHAPTER 5 Electrophysiological Aspects of Surgically-Induced Endolymphatic Hydrops Jun Kusakari, Zenya Ito, Norihide Nishikawa, Minoru Takeyama, Yasuo Furuhashi, Akira Hara, Tetsuaki Kawase, Kenji Ohyama, Toshimitsu Kobayashi, Eiichi Arakawa, and Masaaki Rokugo Endolymphatic hydrops, a characteristic finding in Meniere's disease can be induced in guinea pigs by surgical obliteration of the endolymphatic duct and sac.

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