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By Rin-Chen-Rnam-Rgyal

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I offer a feast of sacred nectars, The essences of this great yak's flesh: Blood, fat, bone and marrow, Along with the first portions of sacred fluids. May they accept this agreeable feast, Protect and preserve the doctrine, And may those who uphold the teachings Be steadfast and blessed with happiness. Then, with their shares of this big yak's meat, May all pitiful creatures of the six realms, Without exception, be fulfilled In their need for food and drink Each according to his own desire. May their needs be satisfied, Their minds and bodies filled with bliss, And, after relief from all pain, May they attain liberation in the end.

Isn't it best to hide it well In gnostic awareness of the natural state? I Thus a tight tongue in a closed mouth Is my [silent) precept to you. If understood, it's a priceless gem; If not, it's a thorn piercing the ear. These lines were composed in my humble mind, But they express the thought of the Conquerors of time. Drink deep of their melody, worthy patrons. And be virtuous . A defect of eye, mirage and dew, Like bubbles, dreams, lightning, mist, and clouds. 23 An elder exclaimed, "Amazing!

Try co understand! Such hard-hearted women, Are your hearts made of scone? Or are they hard iron? There is no certainty co life, No assurance we will be here tomorrow. When mind and body separate And your consciousness cakes rebirth In the hell of unceasing torment, A mass of weapons will fall Like rain on your body, TrappeH on a plain of hoc burning iron. Such immense misery Is impossible co describe! Only the movement of in and out breach Separates chis life from the next; Beyond chis there is nothing.

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