Karl Koeber, Helga Köttelwesch, Dietrich Schneider (auth.),'s Mn Manganese D 5: Coordination Compounds 5 PDF

By Karl Koeber, Helga Köttelwesch, Dietrich Schneider (auth.), Helga Demmer, Helga Köttelwesch, Edith Schleitzer-Rust (eds.)

ISBN-10: 366208175X

ISBN-13: 9783662081754

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ISBN-13: 9783662081778

The current quantity, "Manganese" D five, keeps the outline of the manganese complexes. The association of the complexes in those D volumes relies at the ligand style. The advent, on p. 1, exhibits the periods of complexes, that have already been defined in Chapters 1 to 21 within the Volumes D 1 (1979), D 2 (1980), D three (1982), and D four (1985). In Chapters 22 to 29 of this quantity are handled complexes with amine-N-polycarboxylic acids, hydrazinecarboxylic acids, amides, hydrazides, derivatives of hydroxylamine (e.g., hydroxamic acids), oximes and nitroso compounds, azo compounds, and triazenes. A survey first and foremost of every of those sections supplies details at the so much attribute positive factors of a number of the complicated varieties. a result of complexometric relevance of the complexes with amine-N-polycarboxylic acids, there are numerous reviews about the lifestyles and the soundness of the complexes in resolution. a variety of X-ray investigations, mentioned for the complexes with urea or with amides and hydrazides of carboxylic acids, express the various buildings of the compounds end result of the various bonding websites of the ligands. Complexes with hydrazides (e.g., with isonicotino­ hydrazide) are of exact curiosity, as a result of their organic task. Complexes with hydroxamic acids, oximes or azo compounds were studied typically in aqueous natural or natural natural solvents. The attribute severe shades of many options are used for the analytical decision of manganese.

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