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By Klaus Schmidt-Rohr

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NMR spectroscopy is the main useful and flexible analytical software in chemistry. whereas first-class monographs exist on high-resolution NMR in drinks and solids, this can be the 1st booklet to deal with multidimensional solid-state NMR. Multidimensional thoughts let researchers to acquire distinct information regarding the constitution, dynamics, orientation, and part separation of solids, which supplies the foundation of a better Read more...

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The more complicated case of the powder spectrum for YJ ;r:. 0 has been treated by Bloembergen and Rowland (1955) and by Haeberlen (1976). The decisive step is the transformation of the integration variables from the angles (¢, cos 0) to (¢, w (¢, cos 0)). == a¢ a¢ == 1 ~-O aw a(¢,cosO)· ~ ~ acoso a¢ acos 0 acos 0 == 0 cos 0(3 + YJ cos 2¢). 49) where a corresponding transformation of the integration limits is implied. 50) 30 MULTIDIMENSIONAL SOLID-STATE NMR AND POLYMERS ,,-.... ~ ...............

The experimentally observed time signal (d) is the weighted superposition of the immense number of different signals that arise when the frequency changes occur at other times. Due to destructive interference of the individual signals, the overall signal decays fast, and the corresponding spectral lines are broadened. 42 MULTIDIMENSIONAL SOLID-STATE NMR AND POLYMERS characteristic lineshapes. 16 displays a series of calculated spectra for the process of methyl-group rotational three-site jumps as a function of the jump-rate k in units of the anisotropy parameter o.

Along the local chain axis). The -C==N moiety exhibits cylindrical symmetry around the triple bond, which is therefore the unique axis of an axially symmetric interaction tensor. In an environment of tetrahedral or cubic symmetry, there are more reflection planes and other symmetries than can be exhibited by a second-rank tensor, so that the anisotropy has no choice but to vanish. Techniques for determining shift-tensor orientations in single crystals and powdered solids will be described in Chapter 6.

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