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By Robin Parrish

ISBN-10: 0764206079

ISBN-13: 9780764206078

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There were endless reports of attendees suffering ongoing terrors by the things they'd experienced here, some supposedly even requiring psychiatric counseling-which of course only added to the place's popularity. The crown jewel in Ghost Town's arsenal was the Haunted House, which was supposed to be unlike any other haunted house ever built. It aimed to become known as "the definitive paranormal experience"-a guided walkthrough tour that promised a face-to-face with the most authentic depiction of ghosts and apparitions ever seen.

Your orbs," I said with a tone that refused all argument, "have done more damage to the field ofparanormal investigation than all the crackpot psychics and mediums out there combined. They're nothing but bugs or dust that get too close to a lens for it to focus properly, so a light artifact is created on the final image. " Jordin was frowning. She regrouped quickly, flipping to another page. "Look at this one, though. You can't tell me that isn't-" I snapped the book closed and handed it back to her.

I was leaving a statistics class when she ambushed me as I walked out of the lecture hall and onto the busy university sidewalk. "Hey, girlfriend. I figured it out," she said, chipper and pleased with herself. " I stopped under the shadow of a well-manicured tree, satisfied that we were out of earshot of anyone nearby. "I'm not your friend," I remarked, unimpressed and once again unnerved that she knew how to find me so easily. " Jordin continued. Despite myself, my eyebrows rose. "Not bad. " Jordin was rich.

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