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By Rick Perlstein

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NIXONLAND starts off within the blood and hearth of the Watts riots - one week after President Johnson signed the vote casting Rights Act, and 9 months after his historical landslide victory over Barry Goldwater appeared to have heralded an everlasting liberal consensus. the following 12 months rankings of liberals have been thrown out of Congress, the United States was once extra divided than ever, and a disgraced flesh presser used to be on his method to a surprising comeback: Richard Nixon. Six years later, President Nixon, harvesting the bitterness and resentment borne of that blood and fireplace, was once re-elected in a landslide even greater than Johnson's, and the outlines of brand new US politics of red-and-blue department turned targeted.

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Its roof was gone, the insides blackened like the remains of a weekend barbecue. ” Cue the music: shrieking trumpets, pealing from television speakers in Southern California recreation rooms and dens, apartments and bars, wherever people gathered, pealing as heralds, because American politics, for those white, middle-class folks who formed the bedrock of the American political conversation, could never be the same again. Until that week the thought that American politics was on the verge of a transformation would have been judged an absurdity by almost every expert.

That was his father’s influence; the surest way to Frank’s heart (though there was never really any sure way) was through skill at argumentation. Frank loved to argue, sometimes to the point of driving customers from the store. The son received his first opportunity to argue competitively in the fifth grade, and his father, the sixth-grade dropout, did the research, obsessed with seeing his son whip others with words. When Dick joined the high school debate team, Frank attended every meet. Dick won often.

Unadulterated political passion was judged a dangerous thing by the dominant ideologists of American consensus. ” Here was no idle metaphor. “I know that very often each of us did not just disagree, we poured forth our vituperation,” the Episcopal bishop of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, wrote in a typical expression in late 1963. ” Opinion-molders warned, with the numbness of habit, against “extremists of the left and right”—that veering too far from the center spurred the savage beast that lurked inside every soul.

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