Our Little Frankish Cousin of Long Ago - download pdf or read online

By Evaleen Stein

ISBN-10: 1599152444

ISBN-13: 9781599152448

Throughout the eyes of Rainolf, a boy on the courtroom of Charlemagne, we capture a glimpse of existence within the Frankish state, together with gown, occupations, and amusements. We learn the way Charlemagne introduced Alcuin from England to set up colleges in his state and the way he inspired the advance of the humanities, together with the recitation of poetry resembling the tune of Roland. We pay attention approximately Einhard, an in depth affiliate of Charlemagne, who wrote a biography of him after his demise. ultimately, we trip to Rome to determine Charlemagne topped Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day in 800 A.D. appropriate for a while eight and up.

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Interrupted one of the boys. "Yes," said the minstrel, "he was a miserable traitor; and when he went to the Emir and Marsilius offered him a sum of gold if he would help plan how to destroy Charlemagne's army, he eagerly agreed. Though he knew Marsilius could never conquer the whole army, he showed him how he might trap a part of it in which would be Roland and most of the bravest knights. "Then he went back to Cordova with the rich presents from the Emir and told the King everything was all right and Marsilius would do as he promised.

Here the boys looked at him respectfully and with some awe; for while he liked to chaff with them and allowed them to be very familiar with him, nevertheless everybody declared Malagis was a master of magic arts. " At this Malagis looked very wise, but merely said, "That doesn't hurt me any. I'm not a witch! " and he nodded his head toward the dark trees behind them. The boys shivered a little and drew closer together; for most people then believed in witches and fairies and dragons, too, for that matter.

It is a favorite subject with the minnesingers where I come from. " "That may be," said Malagis firmly, "but you don't know the King. He has never gotten over the loss of his nephew Roland and all the brave Paladins with him, and has never been quite the same since that battle. " "But, sir minstrel," put in one of the boys, "won't you tell us the story? We won't ask you to sing it if you are tired, but just tell it. " But the story will make a chapter all to itself. CHAPTER VII The Minnesinger Tells of Roland "I DARE say," began the minstrel, "you know it all happened more than twenty years ago.

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