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By Michele Alpern

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Explores the social and mental origins of hatred.

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Hostility against social minorities. We do not need to fear them; be assured that hate groups are presently very small, and the criminal justice system investigates and prosecutes both individual members and entire organizations for any crimes they may be involved with. It is important, however, to be aware of hate groups, so we can oppose their messages. Even more importantly, the groups’ hostile Can you describe doctrines contain seeds of the advantages that hate intolerant ideas that, as we have groups gain by hiding their seen, are quite commonplace.

Sometimes we may direct our anger toward people 47 48 Overcoming Feelings of Hatred of a different social group, viewing them as more acceptable targets of our rage than people who belong to our own social group. Anger can be a tough emotion to have. But it is important that we recognize when we are mad and accept our angry feelings, so we can avoid blindly targeting others for blame. Once you accept that you are angry, you can find Can you describe ways to resolve your feelings, several activities or hobbies instead of lashing out at that may help you deal with scapegoats.

To feel self-confident, we must recognize that all of us have innate worth, while appreciating the differences that make each of us special. Belonging Belonging to a group can give us security, support, and the self-esteem that comes from being part of something The Psychology of Intolerance 45 larger than oneself. But sometimes the drive to belong to a group can involve rejecting people who are different from the group. As we have seen in chapter 3, people who join How do you feel hate groups gain their collecwhen you participate in a tive identity from demeaning group, such as a team sport?

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