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By E. D. Smith

ISBN-10: 0425053016

ISBN-13: 9780425053010

Vintage area opera experience, publication #7 within the "Family D'Alembert" sequence. for hundreds of years, the planet Gastonia has been a planet of exile, an escape-proof legal international for the worst forms of traitors. yet now, it kind of feels, prisoners are certainly escaping, and all facts issues to the sinister, all-knowing conspiracy that keeps to shadow the Throne. The d'Alemberts needs to infiltrate this international of traitors--and they need to do it with out a safeguard internet, simply because in the event that they fail they themselves may be trapped in this inhospitable global.

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He had started out with two: the brother-sister team of Jules and Yvette d'Alembert, circus performers from the high-gravity world of DesPlaines. In addition to bodies in prime physical condition, they also possessed minds that could act with lightning speed. They'd been his top agents. Jules d'Alembert was the only person currently alive who'd made a perfect score on the thousand-point test of ability given to all Service personnel; Yvette was barely a point behind at 999. Together they had helped smash a ring of traitors that had been building for sixty years, and had gone on to crack numerous other difficult cases as well.

He asked. "We've never met him and. " "He asked for you both specifically. " Shrugging his shoulders, the first man pressed the button and the door to Meeting Room 147-16 slid silently open in front of them. Together, the four orange-clad figures entered the chamber. It was hard for them to see anything at first. The room itself was dimly lit except for the far wall, which appeared to be a picture window overlooking the sunlit surface of Mare Moscoviense. The view was actually a triscreen projection; six hundred meters below the lunar surface, all they could have seen through a real window would be solid rock.

Ostensibly raised in a backwoods community on the very crowded planet Promontory. This identity was carefully selected; since Promontory was so crowded, and since its backwoods area was so primitive, a great many people existed without adequate documentation. The fact that the Brechts had no birth certificates, no marriage license-indeed, no records of any sort-would not be considered unusual. Also, because of its overcrowded condition, Promontory was a focal point of the Empire's emigration drive.

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