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Suddenly they lhrow their daggersabyou md Moose and draw their short swords. But you are ready and duck below the flying dagger. Wasting not a second more, you chargeat the nearestTracker. TRACKER sKtLL7 STAM TN A 6 If you win, tum to 3o5. rrentLUCK scorcis 9 or above,tum to 167. lf it is 8 or lesghun to 32o. 74 Your outstretchedhandgraspsthe doot handleat the samemomenl as Lhreespearsthump into your ba&. You stumble {orward, fall against the door and slide down to Lhefloor. Your adventwe is over, t> The key tums in the door and you walk throug[ with the feeling tlnt you may be nearing the end of your quest(tum to 169).

Testyour Luck. If you are Lu&y, tum to 4o. If you are Unlucky, tum to 2t8. 78 Thegarlicfumesactivateanancientspellthat,unr

Roll two dice. If the total is lessLhanor equalto your sKrL! score,hrm lo rEj. If the total is greaterthanyour sKrLLscore,tum to r99. III Mission accomplished anyway,' Moose says cheer6:lly. ' Eventually you shakehandsand say goodbye. Tum to 16r. ro7 As soon as you remove the lid, a large snakerears up aird hies to bite you wilh its venomous fangs. II you are Lucky, tum lo 275. If you are Unlucky, tum to 3oz. r08 Resolving not to 80 down the sewer after all, you now have to decide whether to sit on the oak chair (tum to 269) or open the door in the far wall (tum to 2t1).

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