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This is because any changes you make here will have system-wide effects. ) Be sure to keep your Workspace intact while you complete this chapter. It might be a good idea to save your image at this point. We'd recommend that you then re-label the Workspace (call it "Prioritizer" or something else you'll associate with this program), then collapse it out of your way. During initial program development, many Smalltalk programmers find they keep several Workspace windows around their desktops. Demo Menu Modification Let's first add our prioritizer application to the Smalltalk/V 286 Demo menu.

We will therefore use an instance of class Set. If we simply define a new local variable to hold the accumulating list of objects and then modify our earlier listing to include the ability to keep adding to this set, we will encounter an obvious problem: how do we get the process to stop? As you can see, we have already anticipated that we need a way for the user to indicate that the last entry has been made. , press the Enter key without entering any text — as a signal that the list is complete.

Open the Class Hierarchy Browser and select the class DemoClass. Notice that it has an instance method called demoMenu. We're going to modify this menu so that it shows our Prioritizer and runs it when the user picks the new menu option. Adding the Prioritizer to the menu is simple. Here is what the demoMenu method looks like before we begin working on it: demoMenu "Answer the menu for the receiver. " AMenu labels: (' exit\dragon\mandala\multi mandala\ ', 1 multi pentagon\multi spiral\bouncing ball') withers.

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