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By Nancy Kress

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Humankind has increased out into interstellar area utilizing famous person gates-technological remnants left at the back of by way of an historic, long-vanished race. however the expertise comes with a cost. one of the stars, humanity encountered the Fallers, an odd alien race bent on not anything wanting genocide. It's all-out struggle, and humanity is losing.
In this fragile scenario, a brand new planet is chanced on, inhabited via a pre-industrial race who adventure "shared reality"-they're actually forced to proportion an identical worldview. A crew of human scientists is dispatched-but what they don't be aware of is that their project of first touch is really a covert army operation.
For one of many planet's moons can be a large mysterious artifact of a similar beginning because the famous person gates . . . and it simply could be the key to successful the struggle.

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Spock! I'm sick of your halfbreed—" In midsentence a spasm of agony convulsed his body. Bolts of lightning seemed to split his head. The dynamo's hum screamed to an ear-shattering roar. Then the pain, the lightning, the roar were all over. Distraught, Christine ran to him. "I'm all right," he said. " Korby came for her. " He gave the table a rotating twist. On it lay a perfect replica of Kirk. Its eyelids fluttered. Its gaze fastened on Christine and its lips moved in Kirk's characteristic smile of recognition.

I'm sick of your halfbreed—" Shocked, Spock stood stock-still. Kirk moved for the door. Spock, confounded, still staggered, tried again. " All hardness had left Kirk's voice. He spoke quietly, his customary, courteous self. "Quite all right, thank you, Mr. Spock. I'll beam up shortly with Dr. " He eyed Spock, puzzled. "You look upset, Mr. Spock. " The Vulcan looked as bewildered as he'd ever permitted himself to appear. " He got himself a nod, a friendly smile and Kirk's exit to the corridor. But his sense of dismayed shock persisted.

She waved him back with the weapon. "No . . protect . " She moved to Korby. "I am programmed to love you, protect you. To kiss you . " She lifted her face to his. Christine moaned faintly. Stunned, she watched Korby push Andrea away. "Don't touch me," he said. " But Andrea still clung to him. The phaser she held came into position between them as Korby fought to free himself from her arms. "Programmed," Andrea said. "To love you . . to kiss you . " The rifle discharged. There was a flash of light.

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