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By R. W. M. Van Der Hulst, M. Van Ierland-Van Leeuwen (auth.), Prof. Dr. Guido N. J. Tytgat, Dr. Chris J. J. Mulder (eds.)

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Endoscopy has revolutionized scientific gastroenterology. In 1961 Basil Hirschowitz released the 1st versatile endoscopic exam of the tummy and duodenal bulb. We moved from versatile fiberendoscopes to present video-endoscopic equip­ ment. present video-endoscopes contain a black and white or colour 'chip' on the tip of the device which transforms the visible photo into digital signs. the scale of the pincet is consistently getting smaller, heading for five /Lm, extra expanding the answer. The indications are reassembled into top quality colour photographs in a video visual display unit. Endoscopes at the moment are used to ascertain the complete gastrointestinal tract from esophagus to rectum, together with the biliary and pancreatic ductal procedure. specific endoscopic biopsy bargains swift and targeted analysis. Endoscopic ultrasonography is of unsurpassed accuracy in staging gastrointestinal tumors, in assessing pancreatic and biliary disorder, and problems of the rectum and anal canal. furthermore, distinctive cytological sampling is feasible of abnormalities of the intestinal wall or peri­ intestinal lymph node. but regardless of those glamorous achievements alterations are to be anticipated within the total emphasis of diagnostic endoscopy. Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography may actually compete for a considerable fraction of diagnostic ERCP. digital colonoscopy or computed tomographic colography may possibly compete with (and take over?) screening/surveillance colonoscopy.

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Most perforations occur in the pharynx, the uppermost part of the esophagus and the stomach. For diagnostics and treatment the reader is referred to Chapter 6. Hemorrhages If bleeding occurs it is usually a consequence of biopsy, particularly from atrophic stomach mucosa. Bleeding may also occur during endoscopy due to shifting a clot from a previous site of bleeding, or due to the development of a Mallory-Weiss lesion as a result of vomiting and burping during the investigation. Most hemorrhages are slight, although there have been reports of fatalities as the result of hemorrhages arising during endoscopy63.

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Procedures in Hepatogastroenterology by R. W. M. Van Der Hulst, M. Van Ierland-Van Leeuwen (auth.), Prof. Dr. Guido N. J. Tytgat, Dr. Chris J. J. Mulder (eds.)

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