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However, access to credit, above all by smaller enterprises, is still difficult and costly. 4). Alternative sources of financing, such as the bond and capital markets are still in the early stages of development. 5 FDI NET INFLOWS (EUR MILLION) Country 2002 Albania 151 Bosnia and Herzegovina 282 980 Bulgaria Croatia 1,195 FYR Macedonia 83 Moldova 140 Montenegro 76* Romania 1,212 Serbia 504 Total SEE-9 4,623 Total CEC-5 22,665 2003 2004 2005 158 269 209 338 489 240 1,851 2,727 1,789 1,788 989 1,328 84 126 80 69 124 181 44* 53* 384* 1,946 5,183 5,197 1,204 777 1,196 7,482 10,737 10,604 8,710 19,718 22,446 Source: Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW), 2006.

12 The IRI evaluation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is based on the current situation at the state level, except tax policy and regulatory reform. The evaluation of these two dimensions has been performed at the level of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska due to the existence of different policy frameworks. 1 Strengths of the IRI methodology From a methodological point of view, the IRI has several advantages: • It combines original data collected by the OECD Investment Compact with existing data from sources such as the European Commission, the World Bank and EBRD to provide governments with a broad overview of strengths and policy priorities, offering countries a unique and common reference point for policy priorities.

No problematic expropriation cases have been reported in the region in 2005-06. According to data estimates provided by the International Intellectual Property Alliance, in Bosnia and Herzegovina the level of music piracy was 95% in 2005 and the level of motion picture piracy was 90% in 2004, one of highest levels in the SEE region. 75 Source: OECD Investment Compact. 4, describing the current situation in each of the nine target countries. 5 Key actions to consider at the regional level While all the countries score at least 3 or above, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Moldova score only just above 3 due to weak enforcement of IPR in Bosnia and Herzegovina and restrictions in ownership of agricultural land in Moldova.

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