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To derive this expression, first consider the equivalent circuit of the RFID antenna in Fig. 3 (b). The current flowing through the load impedance can be written as: 0 (13) where and . The real power used by the load resistance is 0 . Next, solving for 0 in the previous expression and substituting into (13) : results in the following expression for . Then, assuming (14) for max power absorption by the load, (14) reduces to the following: . (15) Equating (12) to (15) and solving for the effective aperture gives: .

17) i =1 nH nH + ∑ ξ i i =1 Introducing the worst case jitter values in (17), the minimum and maximum duty cycles are obtained. 55 . 1. 4 Unbalanced half-Tpri base transmitter constraints In this case, we also perform a synchronous digital circuit design flow, but we first compute the value of nTpri as 1⎥ ⎢n nTpri = ⎢ TRcal + ⎥ . 2⎦ ⎣ DR (21) And then, the values of nH and nL are selected as, n H = ⎣nTpri 2⎦ (22) n L = nTpri − n H . (23) Design Considerations for the Digital Core of a C1G2 RFID Tag 23 The counter in the transmitter counts nH clock cycles while the output is set to high, and nL clock cycles while the output signal is set to low.

Power and energy optimization of the digital core of a Gen2 long range full passive RFID sensor tag, Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on RFID (Frequency Identification), pp. 125-133, ISBN: 978-1-4244-1712-4, Las Vegas (USA), April 2008, IEEE, Piscataway (USA) Zalbide I. (2009). Design of a digital core for a C1G2 RFID sensor tag, PhD. , Li Y. & Wu N. (2008). A Novel Low-Power Digital Baseband Circuit for UHF RFID Tag with Sensors, Proceedings of Solid-State and Integrated-Circuit Technology, pp.

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