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For the 1st time, the main usually encountered silver Roman cash might be inexpensively pointed out and a few thought of worth will be received. no matter if you're getting down to shape a set of each emperor or are already an skilled Roman Coin collector, you won't be capable of placed this booklet down! the road drawings of such a lot obverse kinds suggest that the legend is obvious and readable within the publication, and it makes a good relief to id, as does the alphabetical checklist of emperors/empresses at the back of the publication. This ebook contains an identity consultant for republican cash, directions on cleansing Roman silver cash and a listing of Roman mint city mintmarks. it's also an alphabetical record of Emperors/Caesars/Empresses and knowledge of Roman coin grading. The publication is ordered chronologically, and with the advent of alternative coin kinds basically pointed out, including a few ancient notes, it additionally provides a simple to stick with clarification of the Roman silver coinage and the way it replaced over 750 years.

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These later coins do not state the name of any mint official. CRS391: VF £350/$630 CRS393: VF £450/$810 CRS392: VF £400/$720 CRS394: VF £450/$810 * CRS395: VF £450/$810 36 The Roman Empire VESPASIAN - 69 - 79 AD Proclaimed in Alexandria, Egypt, 1st July 69 AD – 24th June 79 AD Obverse A Obverse D Obverse B Obverse E Obverse C Obverse F Obverse G CRS396: VF £45/$80 * CRS397: VF £45/$80 CRS398: VF £45/$80 CRS399: VF £45/$80 CRS400: VF £150/ $270 * With Obverse D CRS401: VF £300/$540 His sons Titus & Domitian.

Mother of Julia Soaemias and Julia Mamaea. Grandmother of Elagabalus and Severus Alexander. Lifetime coins were minted during the reign of Elagabalus. The commemorative coins were struck during the reign of Severus Alexander Obverse A CRS598: VF £35/ $63 * CRS601: VF £70/$125 Only Antoninianus type CRS599: VF £35/ $63 * CRS600: VF £35/ $63 CRS602: VF £300/$540 * Commemorative 58 The Roman Empire – Ladies of the Severan Dynasty JULIA SOAEMIAS Daughter of Julia Maesa, mother of Elagabalus. Killed at the same time as Elagabalus in 222AD.

What the reverse happens to be will not usually affect the price except in cases of special interest. GALBA - 68 - 69 AD From 9th June 68 AD – 15th January 69 AD Obverse A Obverse B CRS378: VF £300/ $540 With Obverse A Obverse C CRS379: VF £300/ $540 * With Obverse C Obverse D Obverse E CRS380: VF £252/$455 Quinarius OTHO - 69 AD From 15th January 69 AD – 17th April 69 AD Obverse A CRS381: VF £500/ $900 CRS382: VF £500/ $900 Obverse B CRS383: VF £500/ $900 CRS384: VF £500/ $900 35 The Roman Empire VITELLIUS - 69 AD Proclaimed in Germany, 2nd January 69 AD – 20th December 69 AD Obverse A Obverse B Obverse C Obverse D CRS385: VF £300/$540 CRS386: VF £300/$540 CRS387: VF £300/ $540 * CRS388: VF £300/$540 CRS389: VF £300/$540 CRS390: VF £900+/ $1620+ Vitellius’ Children Anonymous Coins of the Civil War Period 68 – 69 AD At first sight some of these 68 - 69AD types (there are many types; but all are fairly uncommon) may be confused with the Republican series.

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