Helmuth Spieler's Semiconductor Detector Systems (Semiconductor Science and PDF

By Helmuth Spieler

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Semiconductor sensors patterned on the micron scale mixed with custom-designed built-in circuits have revolutionized semiconductor radiation detector structures. Designs protecting many sq. meters with million of sign channels at the moment are regular in high-energy physics and the know-how is discovering its means into many different fields, starting from astrophysics to experiments at synchrotron mild resources and clinical imaging. This e-book is the 1st to offer a finished dialogue of the numerous features of hugely built-in semiconductor detectors platforms, masking sensors, sign processing, transistors, and circuits, low-noise electronics, and radiation results. the range of layout techniques is illustrated in a bankruptcy describing structures in high-energy physics, astronomy, and astrophysics. eventually, a bankruptcy "Why issues do not paintings" discusses universal pitfalls. Profusely illustrated, this e-book contains finished discussions of sensors, sign processing, and electronics. together with tremendous instructional fabric, it presents a different reference in a key quarter of recent technology.

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And Meth. A253 (1987) 365–377 Kenney, C. et al. (1993). Performance of a monolithic pixel detector. Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. ) 32 (1993) 460 and First test beam results from a monolithic silicon pixel detector. Nucl. Instrum. and Meth. A. et al. (1988). A flexible 128 channel silicon strip detector instrumentation integrated circuit with sparse data readout. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. A. et al. (2004). Novel integrated CMOS sensor circuits. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. F. (2000). Radiation Detection and Measurement(3rd edn).

6 eV in Si. Si material can be grown with resistivities of order 104 Ω cm, which is too low; a 300 µm thick sensor with 1 cm2 area would have a resistance of 300 Ω, so 30 V would lead to a current flow of 100 mA and a power dissipation of 3 W. On the other hand, high-quality single crystals of Si and Ge can be grown economically with suitably large volumes, so to mitigate the effect of resistivity one resorts to reverse-biased diode structures. The conductivity of semiconductors is controlled by introducing dilute concentrations of impurities into the crystal, a process called doping.

At high signal-to-noise ratios the time jitter can be much smaller than the rise time. When a simple threshold discriminator is used the timing signal will shift with pulse amplitude (“walk”), but this can be corrected by various means, either in hardware or software. Timing measurements are discussed in Chapter 4 and by Spieler (1982). 1 Circuit integration and bussing A detector array combines the sensor and the analog signal processing circuitry together with a readout system. 30 shows the circuit blocks in a representative readout IC.

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