Space-Age Acronyms: Abbreviations and Designations - download pdf or read online

By Reta C. Moser

ISBN-10: 1461595940

ISBN-13: 9781461595946

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Acronym agglomeration is an ailment of the age, and there are acronym addicts who, of their weak point, locate it irresistible them. greater than as soon as in contemporary months my friends have counseled me approximately my obvious readiness to take advantage of not just acronyms, yet abbreviations, overseas­ isms, codes, and different cryptic symbols instead of universal, usual American phrases. Many between us, even though, both haven't acquired or have selected to disregard such recommendation. to that end, what we write and converse is filled with secret and confusion. it's then for the reader and listener and for the author and speaker that Reta C. Moser has compiled this consultant. Its powerful software to the paintings of communique is prompt. Such use may help stay away from some of the misunderstandings related to terminology which happen day-by-day. even if such misunderstandings are definitely the most important in humanistic and social occasions, they can be of speedy import and the set off to catastrophe in medical, technical, and political events. a few 15,000 acronyms and 25,000 definitions are supplied (a 50- and forty seven -percent raise over the 1964 edition!), with due credits to overlook Moser's diligence in making the compilation and with the acknowledgment that the acronymical phenomenon is particularly a lot with us. This variation, just like the first, is bound to be of worth to writers, librarians, editors, and others who needs to establish and care for acronyms.

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Ir Passage Air Pilot Airport Air Position Ammonium Perchlorate Ammunition Point Argument Programming Artificial Pupil As Prescribed Atomic Powered Autopilot Airplane Allied Papers Autopilot Airframe and Powerplant Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 American Psychological Association Appropriation Purchases Account Axial Pressure Angle Airborne Parabolic Arc Computer Analog Programming and Checking Automatic Programmer and Data System Automatic Programming and Recording ADCC (Air Defense Command Computer) Programming and System Training Office 40 APHIS • APATS APC - Automatic Programmer and Test System - Acoustical Plaster Ceiling - Additional Planning Capability -' Aeronautical Planning Chart - Angular Position Counter - Approach Control - Area Positive Control - Armored Personnel Carrier - Armor- Piercing-Capped - Army Pictorial Center - Atomic Power Construction, Limited (see APCL) APCA - Air Pollution Control Association - Automatic Phono-Cardiac Analyzer APCBC - Armor- Piercing Capped, Ballistic Capped APCC - Air Polution Control Code AP&CC - American Potash and Chemical Corporation APCEF - Advanced Power Conversion Experimental Facility APCHE - Automatic Programmed Checkout Equipment APCI - Armor- Piercing-Capped Incendiary - Armor- Piercing-Capped Incendiary with Tracer APCIT APCL - Atomic Power Construction, Limited APCN - Assembly Page Change Notice - Airport Parking Company of America APCOA - Approach Control APCON - Apollo Program Control Room APCR - Air Photographic and Charting Service APCS APCT - Armor- Piercing-Capped with Tracer APD - Advanced Planning Document - Advanced Program Development - Air Procurement District - Analog-to- Pulse Duration - Angular Position Digitizer - Apollo Project Directive APDA - Atomic Power Development Associates - Auxiliary Pump Drive Assembly APDL - Aids Production and Distribution List APDSMS - Advanced Point Defense Surface Missile System - Ammunition Peculiar Equipment APE - Automatic Positioning Equipment - Atomic Power Equipment Department APED - Aeronautical Photographic Experimental Laboratory APEL APERS - Antipersonnel - ARCAS (All Purpose Rocket for Collecting Atmospheric APEX Soundings) Piggyback Emulsion Experiment - Aircraft Parachute Flare APF A PG - Aberdeen Proving Ground - Army Planning Group APGC - Air Proving Ground Center APHA - American Public Health Association APHFFF - Ames Prototype Hypersonic Free-Flight Facility APHIS - Advanced Aerial Fire Support System 41 • API API - Activity Performing Inspection - Air Position Indicator A PIC - Automatic Power Input Controller - American Production and Inventory Control Society APICS APK - Accelerometer Package APL - Advanced Parts List - Advanced Procurement List - Allowance Parts List - Applied Physics Laboratory (Johns Hopkins University) - Assembly Page Listing - Assembly Parts List - Automatic Phase Lock - Average Picture Level APL/ JHU - Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University APM - Aluminum Power Metallurgy - Assembly Page Maintenance APMD - Army Projects Management Department APMI - American Powder Metallurgy Institute APNA - American Power Net Association APO - Accountable Property Office - Apogee - Apollo Project Office - Army (or Air Force) Post Office - Assembly Page Order APOD - Aerial Port of Debarkation A POE - Aerial Port of Embarkation A POTA - Automatic POSitioning of Telemetering Antenna APP - Access Point PACE (Pre-Flight Acceptance Checkout EqUipment) - Advanced Planetary Probe - Advance Procurement Plan - Air Parcel Post - Army Procurement Procedures - Auxiliary Power Plant - Advise Present Position and Altitude APPA - American Public Power Association - Advance Planning Procedure Change APPC - Automatic Power Plant Checker - Advanced Planning Procurement Information APPI APPLE - Advanced Propulsion Packaged Liquid Engine APPO - Advanced Product Planning Operation APPR - Army Package Power Reactor - Advance Production Release APR - Airman Performance Report - Armed Forces Production Resources Agency APRA - Army Pulsed Experimental Research Assembly - Air Procurement Region, Europe APRE - Approval Request APREQ - Air Procurement Region, Far East APRFE - Automatically Programmed Remote Indication Logging APRIL - Army Prosthetic Research Laboratory APRL 42 AR_ APSA APT APT III APTA APTI APTPDA APTR APTS APTT APU APUHS APULS APWL APX III AQ AQB AQE AQGV AQL AQREC AQT AR APRU APS Applied Psychology Research Unit Accessory Power Supply Airborne Power System American Physical Society Appearance Station Applied Physics Staff Applied Psychological Services Armor-Piercing Sabot Assembly Programming System Automated Publication System Auxiliary Power Supply Auxiliary Propulsion System Aerolineas Peruanas, S.

AS AS - Academy of Sciences - Add-Subtract - Aeronautical Standard - Airports Service - Airscoop - Air Speed - Air Station - Air to Surface - Antisubmarine - Area Surveillance - Army Security - As Stated A/S - Air Speed - Air to Surface - Arm/Safe - As Stated ASA - Acoustical Society of America - Air Security Agency - American Standards Association (now USASI) - Army Security Agency - Assistant Secretary of the Army - Atomic Security Agency ASACS - Airborne Surveillance and Control System ASAE - American Society of Aeronautical Engineers ASAF/M - Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Materiel ASAIFM) - Assistant Secretary of the Army, Financial Management ASAF/R&D - Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Research and Development ASA (I&L) - Assistant Secretary of the Army, Installations and Logistics ASAMA T - Assistant Secretary of the Army, Materiel ASAP - Anti-Submarine Attack Plotter - Army Scientific Advisory Panel - As Soon As Possible ASA(R&D) - Assistant Secretary of the Army, Research and Development ASB - Acoustical Standards Board - Air Safety Board - Air Surveillance Branch ASBCA - Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals - Advanced Sea-Based Deterrent ASBD - Administrative Service Center ASC - Aeronautical Systems Center - Air Service Command - Air Situation Coordinator - Air Support Control - Army Signal Corps - Authorization Source Code - Automatic Sensitivity Control - Aerospace Surveillance and Control AS&C ASCAC - Antisubmarine Contact Analysis Center 48 ASFDO.

AME - Angle Measuring Equipment - Aviation Medical Examiners AMEC - Army Mobility Equipment Center AMECOS - Automatic Measuring, Computing, and Sorting System AME/COTAR - Angle Measuring Equipment-Correlation Tracking and Ranging AMEDS - Army Medical Service (formerly Medical Corps) AMERDC - Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development Center AMF - Air Materiel Force - American Machine and Foundry Company AMFC - Atlantic Missile Flight Center AMFEA - Air Materiel Force, European Area AMFPA - Air Materiel Force, Pacific Area AMFSO - Assistant Missile Flight Safety Officer AMG - Aircraft Machine Gunner - Allied Military Government - Angle of the Middle Gimbal - Automatic Magnetic Guidance AMGOT - Allied Military Government of Occupied Territory - Advanced Manned Interceptor AMI - American Military Institute AMICOM - Army Missile Command (USAMICOM preferred) AMIS - Aircraft Movement Information Service - Air Movements Information Section AMIT - Ampex to IBM Tape AML - Aeronautical Materials Laboratory AMM - Advance Manned Missions - Ammeter - Antimissile Missile AMMIP - Aviation Materiel Management Improvement Program AMMO - Ammunition AMMRC - Army Materiel and Mechanics Research Center AMMP - Apollo Master Measurements Program AMMSDO - Anti-Missile Missile and Space Defense Office AMMTR - Anti-Missile Missile Test Range AMO - Aircraft Material Officer AMOCOM - Army Mobility Command (USAMOCOM preferred) AMOO - Aerospace Medicine Operations Office AMOS - Acoustic Meteorological Oceanographic Survey - Alternate Military Occupational Speciality - ARPA Mid-Course Optical Station - Automatic Meteorological Observation Station - Automatic Meteorological Observing Station AMP - Adaption Mathematical Processor - Advanced Manned Penetrator (formerly LAMP) - American Marine Products - Amphenol - Amplidyne - Army Materiel Plan - Automated Manufacturing Planning AMPCO - Associated Missile Products Company 35 _AMPD AMPD - Army Mobilization Program Directive AMPERE - APL (Applied Physics Laboratory) Management Planning and Engineering Resources Evaluation - Atomes et Molecules par Etudes Radio-Electriques (Switzerland) AMPHIBEX - Amphibious Exercise AMPLAS - Apparatus Mounted in Plastic AMPR - Aeronautical Manufacturers Planning Report AMPS - Advanced Manned Penetration System - Automatic Message Processing System AMPSS - Advanced Manned Precision Strike System (now AMSA) AMR - Advance Material Request - Advance Material Release - Airborne Magnetic Recorder - Air Movements Recorder - Atlantic Missile Range (now AFETR) AMRA - Army Materials Research Agency AMRAC - Anti-Missile Research Advisory Council AMRAD - ARPA Measurements Radar AMRC - Army Mathematical Research Center AMRD-NASC - Army Missiles and Rockets Directorate-NATO Supply Center AMRF - Amended Route of Flight AMRI - Association of Missile and Rocket Industries AMRL - Aerospace Medical Research Laboratories (Air Force) - Army Medical Research Laboratory AMRO - Atlantic Missile Range Operations AMRTS - Atlantic Missile Range Telemetry Submodule - Acoustic Measurement System AMS - Administrative Management Society - Advanced Meterological Satellite - Aerospace Material Specification - Agriculture Marketing Services - Air Mass - American Mathematical Society - American Meteorological Society - Applied Mathematics Series - Apollo Mission Simulator - Army Management Structure - Army Map Service - Attitude Maneuvering System - Authority for Material Substitution - Automated Material System AMSA - Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft (formerly AMPSS) AMSAM - Anti-Missile Surface-to-Air Missile AMSCN - Advance Master Schedule Change Notice AMSL - Above Mean Sea Level - Ammunition Shipment Order AMSO - American Miscellaneous Society AMSOC - Advanced Manned Space Simulator AMSS - Automatic Master Sequence Selector 36 AND.

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