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Love it or no longer, Java Script is all over those days—from browser to server to mobile—and now you, too, have to examine the language or dive deeper than you've. This concise publication courses you into and during JavaScript, written by means of a veteran programmer who as soon as stumbled on himself within the similar position.

Speaking JavaScript is helping you method the language with 4 standalone sections. First, a quick-start advisor teaches you simply adequate of the language that will help you be effective right now. more matured JavaScript programmers will discover a entire and easy-to-read reference that covers every one language function extensive. whole contents include:

JavaScript quickly begin: acquainted with object-oriented programming? This half is helping you study JavaScript quick and properly.
JavaScript extensive: study info of ECMAScript five, from syntax, variables, capabilities, and object-oriented programming to typical expressions and JSON with plenty of examples. decide an issue and leap in.
historical past: comprehend JavaScript’s heritage and its courting with different programming languages.
suggestions, instruments, and libraries: Survey present sort publications, top practices, complicated innovations, module structures, package deal managers, construct instruments, and studying assets.

"The so much concise and but whole JavaScript publication written so far for the initiated programmer."

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Figure 3-1. Programming languages that influenced JavaScript. Influences | 41 CHAPTER 4 How JavaScript Was Created Knowing why and how JavaScript was created helps us understand why it is the way it is. In 1993, NCSA’s Mosaic was the first widely popular web browser. In 1994, a company called Netscape was founded to exploit the potential of the nascent World Wide Web. Netscape created the proprietary web browser Netscape Navigator, which was dominant throughout the 1990s. Many of the original Mosaic authors went on to work on Navi‐ gator, but the two intentionally shared no code.

In addition to being “real” functions and methods, functions play another role in Java‐ Script: they become constructors—factories for objects—if invoked via the new operator. Constructors are thus a rough analog to classes in other languages. By convention, the names of constructors start with capital letters. y); }; We can see that a constructor has two parts. First, the function Point sets up the instance data. prototype contains an object with the methods. The former data is specific to each instance, while the latter data is shared among all instances.

Map(function (x) { return x*x }) [ 1, 4, 9 ] Regular Expressions JavaScript has built-in support for regular expressions (Chapter 19 refers to tutorials and explains in more detail how they work). They are delimited by slashes: /^abc$/ /[A-Za-z0-9]+/ Method test(): Is There a Match? exec('_abbba_aba_') [ 'abbba', 'bbb' ] The returned array contains the complete match at index 0, the capture of the first group at index 1, and so on. exec: Capture Groups” on page 305) to invoke this method repeatedly to get all matches.

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