Barbara Hambly's Star Trek, Book 71, Crossroad PDF

By Barbara Hambly

ISBN-10: 0671793233

ISBN-13: 9780671793234

This tale is a part of the unique "Star Trek" sequence.

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The carrier signal was bad, drowning in a flux of static. Kirk sharpened his voice to the hard edge that had the best chance of being heard, and said, "This is Captain James T. Kirk of the United Federation of Planets Starship Enterprise. You are in violation of Federation shipping regulations and of the Federation Prime Directive. " The static swelled, filling the bridge with its harsh crackle. For a long minute there was silence, though Kirk sensed a listening, as if he could see someone standing as he stood, in the darkened bridge of the craft silhouetted against the luminous veils of shifting dust.

The last definite choice she had made—to abandon her biochemical studies, to turn her energies to the painstaking, heart-killing business of searching for the man she had then loved in all the vastness of eternity—had ended for her in such bitterness, in such confusion and pain, that for years now she had simply drifted. Would she have been better off, or worse, if the Enterprise had never made planetfall on Exo III? If she'd never known whether Roger Corby was alive or dead? If she'd never found him?

Coolant in the console coils, thought Kirk. The whole bridge system must be rupturing. The static peaked, swamping that exhausted voice as it gasped again, "Never…" Kirk traded a glance with Spock. " "Or one hell of a guilty conscience," put in McCoy. On the screen before them, the dulling engines of the black ship flared again, sharp and orange. Kirk felt the vibration of the tractor beam through the decking as the other ship made one final, futile effort to break free. Then the brief glow died.

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