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By Jack Campbell

ISBN-10: 0698143035

ISBN-13: 9780698143036

New York Times bestselling writer Jack Campbell's action-packed misplaced Fleet sequence has propelled readers from deep house to the very fringe of their seats. Now Admiral John "Black Jack" Geary embarks on an exciting new experience to protect the Alliance and defend the future.

Geary and the team of the Dauntless have controlled to securely escort very important alien representatives to Earth. yet ahead of they could make tracks for domestic, of Geary's key lieutenants vanish. the quest for his lacking males leads Geary on a far-flung chase, finally finishing on the one spot in area from which all people were banned: the moon Europa. Any send that lands there needs to remain or be destroyed—leaving Geary to stand the main profound ethical trouble of his life.

To make concerns worse, traces at the Alliance are starting to be because the Syndics proceed to meddle. Geary is ordered to take a small strength to the border of Syndic area. yet what he unearths there's a chance a lot more than a person anticipated: a mysterious chance which can eventually strength the Alliance to its knees.

As Geary spearheads a determined conflict to guard the Alliance opposed to a smart and strong enemy, he’s left with only one query: who're they?

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After nearly a year of observing the Maquis, Seska had concluded that the Maquis who had defected from Starfleet and brought with them Starfleet knowledge and protocols, had produced a truly formidable terrorist group. Gul Evek's mature face twisted in disgust. " Seska shot back. " She didn't want to anger Gul Evek too much, but she needed him to treat this seriously. It had taken a long time, but now she had the information they'd been waiting for. Now they could strike a decisive blow against the Maquis.

Now! " Chakotay called out. B'Elanna dropped the impulse engines off-line. In that instant's pause, Chakotay hit the front port and the rear starboard thrusters full-power. He did it by instinct, by the feel of the ship. 33 second burst and the station had turned into a streak of silver as the raider spun neatly in place. " he ordered, as he hit both rear thrusters. " B'Elanna exclaimed. Chakotay continued to engage thrusters as the raider moved away from the station. He adjusted their course to stay in a nearly direct line with their approach.

Two of the spokes were crumpled near the central post, and one bent further, deforming the docking ring. "The station is losing structural integrity," Tuvok announced. " Chakotay had to alter course to keep the shifting station between the Selva and the planetary defense grid. Opek Nor was turning, and several-dozen life pods had suddenly blossomed from the outer ring. " he demanded. "I don't understand it," B'Elanna exclaimed. "The accelerator went out of alignment. " Chakotay shuddered at the thought of the station going down while they were still in range of the planetary defense grid.

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