Surface analysis with STM and AFM: experimental and - download pdf or read online

By Sergei N. Magonov, Myung-Hwan Whangbo, S. N. Magonov

ISBN-10: 3527293132

ISBN-13: 9783527293131

Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and atomic strength microscopy (AFM) are strong instruments for floor exam. some time past, many STM and AFM stories resulted in faulty conclusions as a result of loss of right theoretical issues and of an realizing of ways snapshot styles are plagued by size stipulations. For this publication, global specialists, one on theoretical research and the opposite on experimental characterization, have joined forces to compile crucial elements of STM and AFM stories: the sensible features of STM, the picture simulation via floor electron density plot calculations, and the qualitative overview of tip-force brought on floor corrugations. useful examples are taken from: * inorganic layered fabrics * natural conductors * natural adsorbates at liquid-solid interfaces * self-assembled amphiphiles * polymers This ebook could be a useful reference paintings for researchers lively in STM and AMF in addition to for novices to the sector.

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27] proposed a discrete model for calculating the VDW forces between the NaCl(100) surface and a probe tip. 6 nm. The AFM operation in the attractive force regime can be carried out in UHV by using the modulation technique with frequency shift detection, because the Q-factor of an oscillating cantilever is extremely high in UHV. The results obtained for Si(ll1) 7 x 7 and InP(100) demonstrate the possibility of observing surface atomic lattices and point defects [28]. In such experiments, the spatial variation of the negative frequency shift of the cantilever is used for the feedback [29].

Linear and logarithmic) can be used, depending upon the known or presumed relationship between the probing interaction and the tip-sample separation. The accuracy of imaging is strongly influenced by the feedback gain parameters. Use of very low gains keeps the tip position constant, whereas use of very high gains renders unstable the electronic circuit controlling the feedback, because the piezodrive and the current amplifier cannot respond instantaneously. Therefore the scanning should be performed with moderate gain parameters [ 8 ] , which are commonly adjusted by the user.

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Surface analysis with STM and AFM: experimental and theoretical aspects of image analysis by Sergei N. Magonov, Myung-Hwan Whangbo, S. N. Magonov

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