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This publication presents a entire dialogue of automated checking out, analysis and tuning of analogue, mixed-signal and RF built-in circuits and structures in one resource. The ebook comprises 11 chapters written by means of top researchers world-wide. in addition to primary innovations and methods, the e-book stories systematically the country of the humanities and destiny examine instructions of those parts. an entire diversity of circuit elements are lined and try out matters also are addressed from the SoC viewpoint. vital reference better half to researchers and engineers in mixed-signal trying out, the publication is usually used as a textual content for postgraduate and senior undergraduate scholars.

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2. 5 Node-fault diagnosis Node-fault diagnosis was first proposed by Huang et al. [24] and generalised to nonlinear circuits by Sun [35, 36]. A node is said to be faulty if at least one of the branches connected to it is faulty. Instead of locating faulty branches in a circuit directly, we locate the faulty nodes. It is assumed that the number of faulty nodes is smaller than the number of accessible nodes. 13) Vn ) Assume that the circuit has m external nodes and l internal nodes. 15) Assume that there are only k faulty nodes and k < m.

Some early work uses circuit symbolic functions for component value computation [13, 14]. Symbolic expressions of incremental (matrix) form are also used for large sensitivity analysis and fault simulation [6–10].

Subsequently, modelling faults by equivalent compensation current sources was proposed. In this method, the component value change is equivalently described by a fault excitation source. If the fault source current is not equal to zero, the corresponding component is faulty. Here the real component values are not the target, but the incremental current sources caused by faults which are used as an indicator/verifier. This modelling method has resulted in a large range of fault verification methods.

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