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Batch compilation (camlc) 47 Unix: Never strip an executable produced with the -custom option. PC: This option requires the DJGPP port of the GNU C compiler to be installed. Cause the compiler to produce additional debugging information. During the linking phase, this option add information at the end of the executable bytecode le produced. This information is required by the debugger camldebug and also by the catch-all exception handler from the standard library module printexc. zo le. e. mli interface le).

Value directory : string -> unit Add the given directory to the search path for les. Same behavior as the -I option or the directive. 3 The toplevel and the module system Toplevel phrases can refer to identi ers de ned in modules other than the top module with the same mechanisms as for separately compiled modules: either by using quali ed identi ers (modulename__localname), or by using unquali ed identi ers that are automatically completed by searching the list of opened modules. ) The modules opened at startup are given in the documentation for the standard library.

Programs compiled with -O fast are therefore slightly faster, but unsafe. none suppresses all automatic opening of modules. Compilation starts in an almost empty environment. This option is not of general use. The default compilation mode is -O cautious. See chapter 13 for a complete listing of the modules in the cautious and fast sets. Unix: The following environment variables are also consulted: LANG When set, control which language is used to print the compiler messages (see the -lang command-line option).

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