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By Nicholas Hildyard and Mark Mansley

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A key question here is the health of the company’s market and that of the wider industry of which it is a part: do consumers want to buy the company’s products? Draw attention to any consumer boycotts or signs of shifting public attitudes that might threaten future sales. 60) Are rival companies leaving the sector? ” Cite any upcoming regulations that might affect the market – particularly if the company’s environmental and social record shows it to be ill-equipped to respond to them. How strong is the company’s position within the mar markk et?

These concerns have been acknowledged by China’s Prime Minister Zhu Rongji. In addition, there are fears that the tight construction schedule, coupled with shoddy construction work, could lead to a collapse of the dam, risking the lives of millions downstream. In December 1998, Zhu criticised the shoddy construction of new infrastructure to replace that being submerged. 5 billion — although some unofficial estimates put the figure at $75 billion. Hesitant to commit money from its own budgetary resources, the Chinese Government has sought to mobilise funding from Western private sector sources through the sale of bonds issued by the China Development Bank (formerly the State Development Bank–SDB).

Emphasise that once a reputation has been dented, it takes considerable expense and management time to get back into favour. Ar Aree ther theree historic or cur currr ent links een the senior mana between managg er erss and the betw issue/project, such as non-executive dir ector ships or past emplo yment? director ectorships employment? If so, raise the issue of possible conflicts of interest – again an indication of poor corporate governance procedures. Conduct a search of newspaper and les to lear ticles learnn of other other ar tic mana ns tha managg ement concer concerns thatt ha havv e been r aised in the financial pr ess press ess..

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