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By Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

The Practices to development by and large Practices
The directions are the Seal of the traditional Masters belonging to Cycle of Oral Dzogchen Teachings from Zhang Zhung

According to the lessons and Transmissions of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche given in summer season 1998 in Austria

These teachings are extremely important and crucial. the best way we're operating with those teachings now's
an chance which doesn't take place quite often. after all you could visit varied retreats and decide up teachings. however the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyü is a educating that exists in simple terms in a single position and it isn't effortless to get.

You may well get items, yet receiving the complete is particularly infrequent. we must always hold that during brain. Receiving teachings and initiations isn't too tricky simply because loads of Lamas come, however the chance to keep on with whatever very heavily like this isn't effortless to obtain.

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Being too relaxed means lack of clarity, lack or Upwards-Moving Prana, so you have to cultivate the Upwards-Moving Prana (gyen rgyu rlung). You imagine two HUNG of the same colours as your side channels inhaled through your nostrils. When they join together they change into many Thigles, coloured light pink or rose. [You realise actually your two side channels - feel it - and on the opening of the channels, at the tip of your nostrils you visualise two HUNG, same colour as your channels itself; (this is red and white).

You don't have to go to a cave. but you have to avoid it so that it doesn't grow in your mind in connection with that person. At least this gives you the chance to find a different point of view. Student: Is working with the breath a more Tantric approach? Rinpoche: In Dzogchen it is more self-balancing. balancing each other. Method of the Breathing and the Mind in order to Develop the Visions 25 n. 1. General Advicefor the Breathing If you look at your breathing cycle, you might find you have a lot of emotions.

When you breathe out it is almost the same as breathing in, and when you breathe in it is almost the same as breathing out. That is the state of being, the state of abiding. It is related with the syllable HUNG. When this experience occurs, then you have the experience of union. It is no longer inhalation, exhalation and abiding, they are all the same. You have to reach this first '" Rlnpoche says Om. not plural om·s: Here the text p;tves no explanation for the pracllce. however It says Inhale through the left ehannel a red Om, hold a blue Hum In the central channel and exhale via the rtght channel a whtte A: for the practices you have to refer to the text.

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