The Great Starship Race (Star Trek, Book 67) by Diane Carey PDF

By Diane Carey

ISBN-10: 0671872508

ISBN-13: 9780671872502

Whilst a freindly, alien humans referred to as the Rey make touch with the Federation, they're overjoyed to profit the galaxy has lots of clever races. To deliver the myriad cultures to their international, the Rey host a party -- inviting spacefaring peoples to ship consultant ships to compete opposed to each other and the good Starship Race is born. because the Federation's flagship, the "U.S.S. Enterprise(TM) " less than the command of Captain James T. Kirk, is shipped to compete. however the occasion takes a dismal flip while a Romulan warship arrives and calls for to affix the race. quickly, Kirk and the Romulan commander are engaged in a perilous video game of cat and mouse, and, for Kirk and his workforce, the race turns into a fight for survival. confronted with treachery at each flip. Kirk needs to safeguard his send from relentless assault and forestall the annihilation of a whole global.

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Captains, captains e verywhere, but only four of them from Starfleet. Merchant captains, alien captains, privateers, yachtsmen, and any other description of ship's master he could come up with--and looking at this crowd, he could come up with quite a few. So McCoy was still out of place, even at this time of bright conviviality, with captains of every stripe gathered over fruit and doughnuts, winking and beaming at each other as though they had a secret. At least half of them had spoken to him, but even so, he got the feeling he was just being tolerated.

He gestured again for the crew to act, for the hatch to be cranked open. Then Valdus heard Rioc quietly utter to the centurion, "Put the translator on line. Prepare to turn it off whenever I look at you. " "Yes, Commander, I understand exactly," the centurion murmured back. " So the commander and the centurion would commit caution on the Primus's behalf. The centurion motioned three of the bridge crew to back away, in case the foremost were attacked or struck down when the hatch opened. Valdus was one of them.

Elongated oval shapes--then the shapes of living beings! Beneon almost dropped to her knees, but Vorry held her up somehow. They both stared impotently. The lights settled and began to fade. In their place, they left four beings. Four people. Two eyes, two ears, hair cut short, two legs, two arms-- Like us, Beneon thought distantly, but not exactly. More like the birds in the hills. Sharp, quick, aware. The creatures didn't approach or make any threatening movements. In fact, their expressions were cautiously hospitable.

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