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By K. G. Cox, J. D. Bell, R. J. Pankhurst (auth.)

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Our objective in penning this ebook is to aim to teach how igneous rocks might be persuaded to bare a few ofthe secrets and techniques in their origins. the information of igneous rocks include box kin, texture, mineralogy, and geochemistry. also, experimental petrology tells us how igneous platforms can be anticipated to act. engaged on this fabric we try to teach how hypotheses in regards to the origins and evolution of magmas are proposed and validated, and therefore remove darkness from the attention-grabbing and basic difficulties of petrogenesis. The publication assumes a modest wisdom of uncomplicated petro­ graphy, mineralogy, type, and neighborhood igneous geology. It has a task complementary to numerous verified texts, numerous of that are descriptively stable and provides broad insurance and assessment of petrogenetic rules in numerous levels of element. latest texts don't regularly, despite the fact that, take care of technique, notwithstanding this can be one of many extra vital points of the topic. firstly sight it will possibly seem that the present paintings is a guidebook for the potential study employee and therefore has little relevance for the non-specialist scholar of geology. we are hoping it will end up to be faraway from the case. The methodological strategy has an inherent curiosity since it promises the reader with difficulties he can clear up for himself, and as a virtually incidental final result he'll gather a delightful understanding.

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32 13 N Ul 0 ;:: :::-. (') $:: ~ ~ S· '" ~;: $:l ~ ..... ;:: is· g. ~ 24 Compositional variation in magmas The oldest method, still widely used, is a variation diagram in which oxides are plotted against Si02 (Harker 1909), often referred to as a Harker diagram (Fig. 1 is a type of Harker diagram). 2 gives analyses of individual lava specimens from a single volcano, arranged in order of increasing Si02 • From the table a number of relationships can be noted, for example: (a) Ti0 2 , FeO, MgO and CaO all show rather similar behaviour and fall together as Si02 rises.

These are fractional crystallisation and partial melting (collectively termed crystal-liquid fractionation processes) and in this light it is worthwhile to enquire whether certain types of fractionation index can have a general value. A brief discussion of commonly used indices follows. The Harker index (Si0 2 as abscissa), if it is to have direct evolutionary significance, depends on the commonly observed increase of Si02 in the successive liquids of fractional crystallisation, and conversely the decrease of Si02 in successive partial melts of reasonable source materials.

This accounts for some of the scatter of the variation diagram, though some of it is also due to the inclusion of porphyritic rocks in the analysed samples. Even at this stage, the 'evolutionary' nature of the series acquires a new meaning, for it is evident that two lava flows of closely similar composition, such that one has the required chemical and mineralogical features to be 'parental' to the other, certainly cannot have this close relationship if they were erupted at quite different stages of the volcanic evolution.

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The Interpretation of Igneous Rocks by K. G. Cox, J. D. Bell, R. J. Pankhurst (auth.)

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