The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission by Andrew F. Cheng (auth.), C. T. Russell (eds.) PDF

By Andrew F. Cheng (auth.), C. T. Russell (eds.)

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Even earlier than the current Administrator of NASA, Daniel Goldin, made the word 'better, speedier, more affordable' the slogan of a minimum of the workplace of house technology, that very same workplace less than the affiliate Administrator of Lennard Fisk and its department of sun approach Exploration below the course of Wes Huntress had began a sequence of planetary spacecraft whose developmental expense, part CID within the parlance of the exchange, used to be to be held to lower than $150M. with a purpose to get this system underway quickly they selected missions with out the open solicitation now the hallmark of this system. the sort of missions, JPL' s Mars Pathfinder, used to be to be a know-how demonstration project with little speedy technological know-how go back that might permit later excessive precedence technology missions to Mars. some of the technology investigations that have been integrated had major international contributions to maintain NASA's price of the undertaking in the Discovery finances. the second one of those missions and the 1st to be introduced used to be the close to Earth Asteroid Rendezvous challenge, or close to, provided to Johns Hopkins University's utilized Physics Laboratory. This challenge used to be really assorted than Mars Pathfinder, being taken from the record of excessive precedence ambitions of the technological know-how neighborhood and emphasizing the technology go back and never the expertise improvement of the challenge. This project used to be additionally to end up to be good lower than the $150M part CID cap.

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1989, 1993) have shown that the overall character of S asteroid absorption features is consistent with mixtures of olivine and pyroxene with Ni-Fe metal. However compositions of S asteroids are highly varied, and the mineralogic heterogeneity within the class is indicative of a variety of rock types on the different S asteroids. The metal-olivine-pyroxene mineral assemblage on S asteroids is present in meteorite types with highly divergent histories, and substantial debate has arisen regarding the connection between S asteroids and various classes of meteorites.

Space Science Reviews 82: 31-100,1997. © 1997 Kluwer Academic Publishers. 32 S. EDWARD HAWKINS III ET AL. The primary mission of NEAR - to provide insight into the nature, origin, and evolution of near-Earth asteroids - will be achieved during a rendezvous with the largest near-Earth asteroid, 433 Eros, discovered in 1898 by G. Witt. , 1995). This trajectory will provide an opportunity to flyby a large main-belt C asteroid (253 Mathilde) in June 1997. A subsequent Earth swingby will alter the spacecraft's velocity vector and place NEAR in the same plane as Eros.

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