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By Irene A. Bierman, Rifa'at Abou-El-Haj, Donald Preziosi

ISBN-10: 0892414731

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The upper parts of the walls depicted the victorious wars of the emperor in mosaic, whereas the lower portions were ornamented in brilliant marbles. Above the great bronze gate of the Chalce (prior to Iconoclasm), was the mosaic image of Christ, later replaced by a painted image. janin has described the Chalce as a "veritable" museum. 30 It contained imperial statues, with appropriate verses composed for the occasion by the philosopher Secundus, as well as a statue Of Belisarius, the military architect of Justinian's glorious reconquista, In the dome were four sculpted Gorgons taken from the temple of Ephesian Artemis, and above them two bronze horses from the same city.

Destruction the pagan statuary of the city was still considered to be an essential element in the city's iconography, culturally and aesthetically. 62 When the Byzantines retook the city in 1261, it would seem that little of the statuary remained. One statue which survived was the equestrian monument of Justinian in the Augusteum, one of the seven wonders of Constantinople. But by the first half of the fifteenth century the statues had largely vanished from the Constantinopolitan landscape and thus this aspect of the city's imperial iconography was altered.

42 Speros Vryonis, Jr. " Nor did they restrain their hands from the hyena and she-wolf who gave milk to Remus and Romulus. They exchanged these ancient objects of reverence for insignificant coins and these bronze, and placed them (statues) in the foundry. In addition, the (statue of the) man wrestling the lion, and also the Nilotic horse, whose hindermost parts of the body end in a tail studded with scales, and the elephant shaking his trunk; and in addition to these, the sphinxes, which in the foreparts are like shapely women, and which in their hindparts are horrible like beasts, which are also very strange as they walk on land, and by lightness of wing they go about and compete with the greatwinged birds; and the unbridled horse raising its ear, snorting and prancing haughtily and obediently; and that ancient evil, the Scylla, appearing like a woman as far down as the waist (and this part projecting forward because of its huge breasts) and full of savagery, and thereafter cleft into beasts of prey that leap upon the ship of Odysseus and devour many of his companions.

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