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By John C. Wright

ISBN-10: 0765343541

ISBN-13: 9780765343543

The Phoenix Exultant is a continuation of the tale started within the Golden Age and prefer it, a grand area opera within the culture of Jack Vance and Roger Zelazny (with a slightly of Cordwainer Smith-style invention).

At the belief of the 1st booklet, Phaethon of Radamanthus condominium, was once left an exile from his lifetime of energy and privilege. Now he embarks upon a quest around the reworked sunlight system--Jupiter is a moment sunlight, Mars and Venus terraformed, humanity immortal--among people, clever machines, and weird lifestyles kinds, to recuperate his reminiscence, to regain his position in society and to maneuver that society clear of stagnation and towards the celebs. And such a lot of all Phaethon's quest is to regain possession of the remarkable starship, the Phoenix Exultant, the main amazing send ever equipped, and fly her to the stars.

The Phoenix Exultantis an unbelievable tale of great technology, an exhilarating ask yourself tale that recaptures the verve of SF's golden age writers it's a certainly grand and stirring success of the promise proven within the Golden Age and confirms John C. Wright as a huge new expertise within the box. He concludes the Golden Age trilogy within the Golden Transcendence.

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Of course, we only have them on gravitics now, not light-speed sensors. ” Yanakov watched the board a moment longer, then glanced at his aide. ” Andrews vanished, and Yanakov turned back to the board. Austin Grayson would be small and antiquated beside the Star Knight cruiser heading the Manticoran escort, but she was still the flagship of the Grayson Navy, and he would greet their guests from his flag deck, where he belonged. *** Grayson looked oddly patchy in the visual display as Fearless and her brood settled into their parking orbit, and Honor had been amazed on the trip in-system by the scale of Grayson‟s spaceborne industry.

Yanakov blinked as he digested that thought. It didn‟t seem possible someone as good looking and youngHe stopped himself with a mental curse. Damn it, the woman wasn’t as “young” as he kept thinking! In fact, she was forty-three T-years old, barely twelve years younger than Yanakov himself, but still . . “All right, so she‟s got guts,” he growled. ” The Protector nodded, and Yanakov shrugged. ” He flushed at his cousin‟s expression but plowed on stubbornly. “You know I‟m right, Ben. ” His teeth grated in fresh frustration.

The Council as a whole had been determined to wait until after the Manticoran bribe was delivered to Grayson. Their own ally, unable to match the efficiency of Manticoran industry, would have been hard pressed to provide the same sort of infrastructure boost, and the Elders, intent on gathering in that largess for Masada‟s benefit, had delayed too long. Or perhaps not. Not even the majority of the Council of Elders knew everything, and the inner circle had its own reasons to delay. Of course, it was always possible that they‟d waited too long, as well, but they had more than one way to their end.

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