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By Frederick Stecker

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Within the Podium, the Pulpit, and the Republicans: How Presidential applicants Use non secular Language in American Political Debate, a veteran minister analyzes the non secular metaphors Republicans use on the podium and alleges that the celebration intentionally employs blaming strategies, worry metaphors, and coded references to apocalyptic judgment to sway unsure voters.Over the earlier forty years, Frederick Stecker fees, the Republican get together has created worry for political expediency. Stecker's ebook strains the improvement of the Republican rhetoric of polarization and applies the linguistics-based "nation-as-a-family" political typology of George Lakoff to an research of the presidential debates of 2000, 2004, and 2008. He demonstrates how Republican applicants opt for their language and metaphors to sign adherence to inflexible trust structures and easy, black-and-white offerings in household and overseas coverage.

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