New PDF release: The Reality Dysfunction Part 2: Expansion

By Peter F. Hamilton

ISBN-10: 0446605166

ISBN-13: 9780446605168

Within the a ways destiny, on a primitive international known as Lalonde, teams of people conflict in an epic war of words. The Edenists are genetically engineered space-dwellers with a telepathic affinity to their houses and ships. The Adamists reject complicated know-how, yet are keen to pioneer new worlds. below the watchful eye of mysterious extraterrestrial beings, humanity needs to confront its so much sour enemy--itself.

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It was another four kilometres back to the Isakore, and the jungle was becoming progressively thicker. Vines here wrapped the trees like major arteries, creating a solid hurdle of verdant mesh between the trunks. Visibility was down to less than twenty-five metres, and that was with enhanced senses. We’re not going to make it, she realized. They’d been expending gaussgun ammunition at a heavy rate ever since they set off. They had to, nothing else worked against the hostiles. Even the two TIP carbines were down to forty per cent of their power reserve.

Lieutenant Murphy Hewlett let out what could well have been a whimper of relief when its shape registered. His retinal implants were switched to infrared now the sun had set. The fishing boat was a salmon-pink outline distorted by the darker burgundy flecks of the cherry oak leaves, as if it was hidden behind a solidified waterfall. He hadn’t really expected it to be there. Not a quantifiable end, not to this mission. His mates treated his name as a joke back in the barracks. Murphy’s law: if anything can go wrong, it will.

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