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Each thirty-three years, a rift in area connects the Federation with a mysterious race referred to as the Calligar who continue to exist a planet thousands of sunshine years away -- a lot too some distance to commute in a Starship. Captain Kirk and the U.S.S. company™ are dispatched to move a Federation delegation of diplomats, students and scientists who will trip to Calligar at once throughout the short time period that the rift should be open. Mr. Spock leads the Federation get together as they commute by means of trip throughout the rift simply as a bunch of the extraterrestrial beings arrive in Federation house. The conferences move easily till the Calligar take Spock's get together hostage and Kirk discovers that the extraterrestrial beings are holding a dangerous mystery. With indignant Tellarite and Andorain fleets able to assault the Calligar, Kirk needs to store Spock and the others ahead of struggle breaks out and the rift closes for one more fifty years.

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I see. " "To her? Nothing. " Pike pursed his lips. " "How ... uh ... how do you feel about it? Do you have ... uhm ... " "I don't know," admitted Pike. "It goes back to what I was saying before. I feel removed from my crew's feelings, and from my own. I thought of Number One as cold, methodical, even utterly passionless. " said Boyce in amusement. "Of course. The trouble with most women is that they let their hearts rule them instead of 21 their heads. Decision making is an intellectual process.

Spock picked it up and read two succinct ^ws off it, which represented the entirety of the message. "'" In the conference room Pike and his officers surrounded the table as Spock placed the fragments of the probe on the table with a clank. Number One picked up one of the smaller pieces and held it between her fingers, staring at it with curiosity. " "Yes, Number One," Spock told her. "I've run a full spectral analysis, and it confirms my original supposition and your current one. " Pike looked from Number One to Spock.

Tyler's assessment," Spock said from the science station. " Spock turned and looked at his captain. 3 years to reach the furthest Federation outpost. " "Meaning," said Pike slowly, "that the rift had better be our ticket back ... " 43 "That is correct," said Spock. "All right," Pike said with a no-nonsense tone. He went back to his chair and turned it to face the screen. "Bring us around. " The Enterprise swung around and, at impulse power, retraced her steps. As she did so Pike ran a quick check with Engineering to make sure that all was well with the engines.

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