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By David Weber

ISBN-10: 074347144X

ISBN-13: 9780743471442

The "bugs" have overrun planet after planet and so they regard all sentient species as handy protein resources. The Grand Alliance of people has been pushed to the wall. whilst the one attainable results are victory or racial extermination, just one choice is suitable - The Shiva choice.

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That, LeBlanc thought with a fresh inner twinge of pain as he recalled his own earlier thoughts, was one way to put it. It's still felt . . odd to hear an Orion say it, though. Or, rather, to hear an Orion say it as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Not so long ago, that position would have gone as a matter of course to a representative of the Terran Federation, the Alliance's technological pacesetter and industrial powerhouse, as well as its premiere military power. But now the TFN lay prostrate, its proud tradition of victory tarnished and the sublime self-confidence born of that tradition badly shaken.

I wish to welcome Lord Khiniak, Lord Telmasa, Ahhdmiraaaal Murraaaakuuuuma, and their staffs," Kthaara continued. "You have been recalled because I consider it necessary to bring all our principal field commanders up to date on our current status and future intentions. This will occupy an extensive series of conferences and briefings, as you already know from the material you have received. The purpose of this initial session is twofold. " That got the undivided attention of everyone who'd been expecting to sit through lengthy platitudes.

The wavefront of that oncoming force was composed of what humans termed gunboats-larger than fighters. In fact, they were larger even than the auxiliary small craft carried by starships, but they generated an intermediate form of reactionless drive field which conferred speed and maneuverability far greater than that of any conventional starship. Indeed, their speed approached that of the fighters the Bugs, for whatever reasons, couldn't or at least didn't use . . and, unlike fighters, they could make unassisted warp transit.

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