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By Ron Carlson

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A superbly written and suspenseful story of affection and peril by means of an award-winning author Backpacking into the Wind River Mountains on their 10th annual journey, Mack and his spouse, Vonnie, locate the outstanding woods and lovely mountains of Wyoming packed with ghosts and risk. Mack comes from an extended line of ranchers, and his commitment to retaining the kin land has led him into penury and a lifetime of crime. Vonnie is a fiercely clever, headstrong lady who got here west for romance, simply to have it stolen from her little by little. they have made this journey to assert see you later to one another, yet as they navigate the paths they recognize so good, they arrive to appreciate the genuine nature in their wounds. And Mack has another mystery: he's attempting to obtain a sign and retrieve whatever that has fallen from the sky. it's a beacon that might lead them right into a wooden a long way darker than they have ever imagined. Ron Carlson's love for the mountains and his mastery of fiction radiate within the pages of this exciting, fast paced love tale.

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He entered: 9200 feet, W. of Crowheart 14 mi. Send reading. He had told the older man that it was a needle in a field of haystacks, and Yarnell had given him the device and said: “Yes, and this is how it will find you. ” Now Mack put it in his front pocket and stretched. A minute later Vonnie came back, and they stood stiffly and packed up. They walked the ridgeline for half an hour, pacing carefully, and then descended in four long narrow switchbacks to Cross Creek, a rivulet that they could step over and where the trail ascended sharply, the first place a person would be happy to have a horse.

Clay had two cots and a small woodstove. They all shook hands. “Home sweet home,” Vonnie said. She pointed at Clay’s coffee cup, pen, open journal. “And welcome to it,” Clay said. “Sit down. ” He gathered his papers and set them on the one shelf. ” “No, it’s this old kid. Six years now. ” “I forgot,” Vonnie said and she went out and came back with a loaf of bread in a paper sleeve. ” “With cream,” she said. He lifted the blue enamel coffeepot from the steel stove surface and poured three tin cups, and he lifted a glass jar of half-and-half from his big igloo.

She turned and took Mack’s picture. ” He reined Copper Bob around on the narrow trail and started back. His father came out to the tack room that afternoon and stood in the sunlit doorway. ” “Yes, sir, I am. ” “No idea,” Mack said. His father folded his arms and leaned on the doorframe. “Me neither. ” “Seven or eight. ” Mack waited. He knew his father had something else. ” Mack said, a gambit. “We’re still not sure,” his father said. ” He stood and held his hands out lightly at his waist. “A girl who goes for a bear is superior to one who would go for a car.

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