The Soil Mites of the World. Volume 1: Primitive Oribatids by J. Balogh, S. Mahunka PDF

By J. Balogh, S. Mahunka

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Soil mites are of serious organic significance either in usual and in cultivated soils. lately a lot awareness has been paid to them specifically as a result of their sensitivity to a few chemical compounds utilized in agriculture. Of the soil mites, the Oribatids signify the most important variety of either participants and species. regrettably, the learn of Oribatids has been vastly hampered via the inability of contemporary reference works from which they are often pointed out, and it used to be this nice lack that motivated the authors to release this new sequence of books. the 1st quantity, after a brief morphological remedy, offers the strategy of assortment, education, and mode of analysis of ready specimens. The paintings is designed to debate seriously all recognizable species and is abundantly complemented with differential diagnoses and completely new figures from supercohorts right down to species. The publication additionally comprises an index of taxa.

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Distribution: only the type-locality known japonicus (Chinone, 1974) (5) Notogastral setae smooth, or only a few with minute cilia. (10) Border of notogastral fields sinuous and sharp (pi. 10: A). Prodorsal fields granulous, notogastral ones glabrous. Margin of posterior half of body with a characteristic, discrete apophysis (pi. 10 : D). — Seta ro longest of all prodorsal setae; c, and dx of notogaster equal in length, but shorter than setae ex (pi. 10:C),f x and A,. Rostral surface of prodorsum without an unpaired field.

Brachychthonoidea Grandjean: 1969: 142. Among the smallest Oribatids, their length usually fluctuating between 120—240 μιτι. Nearly always weakly pigmented, light, opalescent to dirty white, yellowish white to lemon or orange yellow. For their identification, a detailed knowledge of their morphology is indispensable. Prodorsal shield very distinct, its surface emitting four pairs of setae (ro, le, in, exa), but insertion point as pores of pair fifth (exp) can be recognized also, laterally near bothridia.

Empodium of tarsi small, uncinate, eventually absent from tarsus I. Four monotypical genera known. Key to genera 1 (2) Tarsus,of leg I with three claws. Setae d2 and ex thick, with a wide margin as that of a hunting knife genus 1: Ctenacarus Grandjean, 1939 2 (1) Tarsus of leg I with merely two claws. Setae d2 and ex densely ciliate, without a wide margin. 3 (4) Seta psx setiform, with large cilia (fig. 4 : G) genus 2: Beklemishevia Zachvatkin, 1945 4 (3) Seta psx lanceolate or phylliform, smooth (fig.

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