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By A. K. Srikumar

ISBN-10: 8189750623

ISBN-13: 9788189750626

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Back home, of course," replied Bharti to her cousin's question. " That, realized the children, was a valid question. They had escaped the terrors of the island only to launch themselves onto this vast expanse of water. There was only water— water in any direction they might turn. Occasionally they would sight a landmass or clusters of vegetation and, of course, the ubiquitous pneumatophores. 50 "We ought to go due North," suggested Sanjib. The boy's normally healthy, dark features were now ashen.

His attention w a s concentrated entirely on the boy struggling in the morass. Moloy managed to slip the noose under his armpits. His rescuer started to pull. The carpet of leaves shifted and heaved, unwilling to yield their victim without a fight. But the man's strength and skill were succeeding. Slowly, inch by excruciating inch, he dragged Moloy away from the treacherous confines of the quicksand. Before Sanjib or the girl could quite gather their wits, the fight was over. Moloy was on dry land, on his knees beside his messiah, his shoulders heaving as he breathed in huge lungfuls of fresh air.

A sudden shout, rising from the jungle behind them, brought an abrupt end to this conversation. "DasyusV' hissed Bharti, "they're closeby. Quick! " said Sanjib through gritted teeth. " Moloy grabbed one of his friend's arms and his sister, the other. Together they half dragged, half coaxed the disabled boy along the mud flat. The trio had no idea what they were heading towards. Behind them was certain danger; ahead they knew not what unknown terrors lay. The exhausted children had gone barely a hundred yards when Sanjib shouted again, pointing, "Didi!

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